Although the processors AMD Ryzen 7000 have not yet been released to the market and the company has started disclosing information about AMD Ryzen 8000 (Granite Ridge), processors that will arrive next year with a new architecture AMD Zen5being the big doubt if they will be manufactured by TSMC using the 4 or 3nm.

Unfortunately there is no more information, although it is curious that a Zen5 V-Cache architecture is not listed for these desktop processors, so it could become an exclusive feature for processors intended servers and data centers. At least when it comes to the laptop lineup, the company has revealed more information, and there’s some big news there.

AMD Ryzen 8000 Roadmap - Granite Ridge - Zen5

AMD Phoenix Point (Ryzen 7000) and Strix Point (Ryzen 8000) for Laptops

When it comes to laptops, we have processors AMD Phoenix Dot (Ryzen 7000) with good news, like the switch from Zen3+ and RDNA2 to Zen4 and RDNA3 with the capabilities of AI and Machine Learning with its AIE (Artificial Intelligence Engine), in which the talented team it acquired from Xilinx could have already worked.

On the other hand, we have the processors AMD StrixPoint (Ryzen 8000), which will make the leap to Zen5 already improved AMD graphics RDNA3+. To this would be added that the two platforms would already make full use of DDR5 RAM with the PCI-Express 5.0 interface to add a plus in performance, and it is that so far where the company has been the less competitive is in the laptop sector, but that will start to change with the Ryzen 7000.

AMD confirms that the Ryzen 7000 for laptops will reach a manufacturing process of 4nm (vs 5nm on desktop), while for the Ryzen 8000 a “advanced manufacturing process“, we must therefore expect the jump to the 3nm.

AMD Phoenix Point and Strix Point Roadmap (Ryzen 7000 - 8000 Laptops)