It does virtually nothing of what we talked about on the engineering sample of the AMD Ryzen 7000 appeared on the OpenBenchmarking website and now we have new rumors in regards to. According to the famous channel Moore’s Law Is Dead, the Youtuber mentioned that with these 5.21GHz that the future AMD Ryzen 7000 will achieve in boost mode, an increase of up to one 14% additional performance. Furthermore, he specifies that the Zen 4 CPI (Instructions per cycle) could increase up to one 24%giving an increase of 28 to 37% in single thread and likewise multi-threading.

AMD Zen 4 and its IPC, a significant advance that puts Intel in check

If all of this eventually came to pass, we would have a bigger performance boost from Zen 3 to Zen 4 than there was from Zen 3 to Zen 4. ZEN 2 to ZEN 3where there was a +19% CIP By comparing the two architectures to 4GHz. Summarizing the Moore’s Law video, he himself draws these conclusions from the benefits of Zen 4 versus Zen 3:

  • of a 15 to 24% increase of CPI compared to the last generation.
  • A 8-14% improved performance by increasing frequencies.
  • An overall increase of 28-37% ST (single wire).
  • An increase when using all cores (multi-wire) similar to ST.
  • Cover composed of 1 MB L2 / 4 MB L3 against the 512 KB L2 / 4 MB L3 by Zen 3
  • Compatibility PCIe 5.0 with up to 28 lines.
  • memory support DDR5 (+5200MHz) and LPDDR5.
  • Instruction Help AVX-512.
  • The integration of USB4.0 natively (using 4x lines PCIe Additional)
  • manufacturing process 5nm versus 7nm of the previous generation.

In addition to all of this, Moore has provided an updated release schedule for Ryzen 7000 and EPYC 7004. Of these, it is expected that, Ryzen 7000 from officeraphael” in the second half of 2022versions of laptop Ryzen 7000″dragon range“O”phoenix“will come out in Q1 2023 Yes EPYC Genoa 7004 appears in Q4 2022. Finally a new version of its range HEDT(High Performance Desktop Processors), will be released in the second half of 2023 and will be called AMD Wire cutter 7000″peak of the storm“.

All will be made 5nmwhile of the new generation of Threadripper we only know that it will have up to 96 hearts, competing with AMD EPYC Genoa, but doing so at much higher frequencies and power consumption. Future architectures like Zen 5 We only know of rumors that they will probably use 3nmwhile ZEN 6 could come out one day 2025. We will see shortly if this increase in IPC in Zen 4 is real or not, there is less left.

VIA: video cardz