ZADAK announced the launch of its most advanced memory kit yet, we’re talking about the SPARKRGB DDR5available at speeds ranging from 5200MHz with latencies CL38-38-38-81 @ 1.25v up to 6400MHz with latencies CL40-40-40-84 @ 1.35v for the high end model, all available in 16 or 32 GB capacity (2x 16 GB or 1x 32 GB), and coming with a white heatsink with a silver touch and could not Miss an RGB LED lighting system configurable with software from major motherboard manufacturers.

Complete model availability, as we have access to some kits @ 6000MHz CL38-38-38-78 to choose from with 1.25 or 1.3v.


The ZADAK SPARK RGB DDR5 gaming memory module features a matte white exterior with a frosted texture. The top of the module features a thin aluminum alloy heatsink die that releases heat from the heatsink. And the staggered material design features a hollow light guide effect with gem-like decorations. The eye is inevitably drawn to the gem shape in the center of the heatsink, showcasing the dynamic multi-zone RGB lighting. This stunning aesthetic will give it pride of place on any high-end gaming rig.

Overclocking shouldn’t be a problem. The SPARK RGB DDR5 memory module supports Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking technology. So with a simple click, esports gamers can tap into a hidden reserve of powerful performance when they need it.