We keep seeing more PCI-Express 5.0 SSDs during Computex, this time it’s the turn of ZADAK and Apacerwhere both companies advertise a product that is basically identical to each other, and that is that even the cooling system is the same (aluminum heatsink with channels through which air flows), ignoring design, and that in the case of ZADAK joins a second ultra-thin graphene heatsink given the compatibility of the device with a new generation laptop.

ZADAK TWSG5 and Apacer AS2280F5

These SSDs are the ZADAK TWSG5 and the Pacer AS2280F5who use the standard NVMe 2.0 through the interface PCI Express 5.0 x4 to achieve sequential read speeds of up to 13,000 MB/s while the writing is up to 12,000 MB/sso you could say these are lower mid-range drives, since other companies will achieve read speeds of up to 15,000MB/s, while high-performance drives will move to the 17,000 MB/s.

Both units come with 5 year warrantyand don’t expect to know their prices, because these units will go on sale at the end of the yearthat is when AMD Ryzen 7000 processors and motherboards should arrive and the commercialization starts rolling, but they will obviously be much more expensive compared to the current PCIe 4.0 SSDs which are becoming cheaper.

via: video cardz