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You won’t be able to play Star Citizen if you have Windows 7 or a GTX 700

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), developers of the ambitious multiplayer space simulation game Star Citizen, have announced that Windows 7 It will not be compatible in future versions of the game. The same would happen with GPUs before a GTX700 from Nvidia, since by launching the Alpha 3.17it will be necessary DirectX 11.1 for its proper functioning. This would be the first of the changes for improve performances of the video game by wanting to implement a rendering engine in the future Gen12 with Vulkan API.

Since its launch in 2013Starting with the Hangar Mod, Star Citizen saw how their huge video game project needed a lot of changes to grow and achieve the end result they wanted. They went through CryEngine on their the beginningwhich due to the situation the company was in, was acquired by Amazon and they developed the lumberjack engine which has been used by Star Citizen since 2015. This new update and its so-called “Gen12 Renderer” is nothing more than an update to its renderer, to allow multi-streaming of assets and real-time rendering.

Windows 7 and NVIDIA GPU users are out of Star Citizen

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To summarize, and using the CPU example; we could consider the previous system the “legacy” renderer worked as a renderer a wire, creating a big bottleneck. With the new “Gen12” system we put ourselves in the case of a processor multi-wirewhich allows us to process a series of tasks and distribute them among the different threads.

This is a fundamental improvement in this type of game with such a colossal projection of assets to deal with, because with CIG’s streaming technology they ensure that we can enjoy entire planets and galaxies no loading time and stable frame rate. Moreover, the company assures that it will be very flexible to develop, making the engine highly optimized for multithreading. Thanks to this, we expect processors with many cores to have a big advantage after the implementation of this update.

As a negative aspect and, as we mentioned, implementing the Gen12 rendering engine is that we will need a graphics card compatible with Directx 11.1, that is, an Nvidia series GTX 900 from now or an AMD HD 7000 series from now on. This is curious to say the least, because although the GTX 700s are compatible with the 11.2 level, they are not compatible with the 11.1 because the latter requires WDDM 1.2, which was the previous step to upgrade to Windows 8 and it is where the problem could really come from.

Finally, we still don’t know the release date of Star Citizen, but given the train they are going, they still have many years left. We hope to see official benchmarks on this new update soon to see how much it improves in practice.

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