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You can now play DOOM without Windows and from your PC’s BIOS

Technology is advancing and what seemed like science fiction just two and a half decades ago is now so normal it’s not even surprising. But from time to time some projects appear that show us how far we have come in such a short time and show that the leap in power is so abysmal that now you can play a title like DOOM from PC BIOS.

Without cheating or cardboard, as it seems, DOOM runs from a PC’s firmware, yes, with some limitations of this first implementation, but surprisingly it is fully playable without the need for a system of operation to manage it.

Coreboot 4.17 is to blame, DOOM in a PC’s BIOS ROM


Coreboot started like any other project, without pain or glory and over time it became famous for things like the ones they managed to do. First, let’s talk about the version 4.17 which supports a new series of motherboards, mainly from Google, supporting between the two GRUB2 and SeaBIOSas well as several low-level code and loading improvements.

But although we are not going to get into it completely, since it is not our mission as such, the developers of said Coreboot have decided to try something risky by putting a first version of the first real shooter, DOOM , in a version they called CoreDOOM and it respects the whole 1993 game that was so famous to this day.

The interesting thing is that the game works on Coreboot thanks to a project like the Doomgeneric port. The novelty is that by simply implementing a handful of functions around the presentation of frames, keyboard, ticks and other more basic functions, the game is easily portable and can be inserted into this particular software.

Some limitations that might be partially fixed in the future

As expected and considering where it is running, DOOM in Corebot has the particularity of having no sound as such and also when loaded with just enough only WAD keys are available on the keyboard and it must also be by PS/2Although it is not downloaded, it can be read by USB in a short time.

In addition to this, it should be noted that we will not be able to save the game, mainly because it runs from the BIOS ROM which is used by the BIOS to boot the system. It is also reported that there is limited compatibility with the video sizeeven if little is specified on this subject.

Finally, the last mistake. And it is that when we leave the game the system freezes and therefore it must improve a lot if it wants to be something that is really remembered as something curious and an achievement, which on the other hand already sees what he is doing. As we mentioned, DOOM is available from version coreboot 4.17 and can be downloaded from its official Git repository for a large number of motherboards and laptops around the world as well as BIOS on PC.

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