Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, Xbox CloudGaminga service included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, has received some very interesting improvements, which consist of starting to add mouse and keyboard supportin addition to improve latency.

In the case of mouse and keyboard support, the list of supported games will be small at first, but the company promises to add more supported games over time. As it concerns latencieswith a new feature called Direct Capture, along with its Display Details API, promises to reduce latency by up to 74ms for 2 – 12mswhich is a notable leap.

Xbox Cloud Gaming - Direct capture

Of course, reduce latency in Xbox Cloud Gaming it has a priceand this new API has some limitations, such as authorization only a maximum resolution of 1440pand which is not yet supported with dynamic resolution many games or HDR. These limitations should have minimal effect on developers, as streams are currently limited to 720p on mobile now 1080p on other platforms. Microsoft also plans to release several new tools soon to help developers add Direct Capture support to their games.

via: TechPowerUp