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Workstation with Core i9 + RTX A5000 in Mini size

lenovo announced the launch of a professional team in the Mini-PC format, we are talking about the ThinkStation P360 Ultrawhere in a compact size, less than 4 liters, it is able to add a processor Intel Core i9 up to 16 cores (Alder Lake) with a professional-grade graphics card such as the NVIDIA RTX-A5000, which offers 8192 CUDA cores along with 24GB of 16Gbps GDDR6 memory. All this can be combined with up to 128 GB RAM DDR5 and 2x NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSDs to add up to 8TB of high-speed storage, both of which will have their own cooling system.

Unfortunately we don’t know much more about its specifications, although in the images we can see that it integrates a Lenovo motherboard with a VRM of 8+1 power stages for the CPU, and the CPU and GPU have a cooling system with a turbine fan that blows hot air directly outside the chassis. The most basic model, whose specifications are not disclosed, will leave in the $1,299.

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra

The ThinkStation P360 Ultra from Lenov arrives to meet their extreme space-saving needs, users now have a powerful and versatile machine that offers improved performance in an unprecedented size. This is ideal for individual business users who need to maximize desktop space or want to leverage the machine for remote collaboration or edge use cases in the field. Additionally, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra is the optimal choice for OEMs looking for a fully integrated five-year lifecycle solution, delivering a new combination of needed performance in a uniquely designed chassis that dramatically eliminates the essential of a traditional small form factor.

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra - Inside

“We are revolutionizing the market with a new desktop workstation that has been purpose-built to deliver impressive performance in a space-saving form factor that our customers need,” said Rob Herman, business unit vice president. Workstation and Lenovo Customer Artificial Intelligence. .

“The ThinkStation P360 Ultra is one of the most versatile workstations available, given its ability to effortlessly tackle today’s most demanding workflows in any industry, whether used by individual professionals or as integrated technology in an OEM solution.”

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