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Wireless noise canceling headphones

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced a new gaming headset, the Delta S Wirelesswhich can be used with any device thanks to the connectivity Bluetoothwhile if you are thinking of playing, a mode of low latency connection at 2.4 GHz, all seasoned with a system AI noise removal, where microphones will be responsible for listening to ambient noise and neutralizing it. This technology also prevents our microphone from emitting any sound other than our voice.

ASUS ROG Delta S Wireless

“AI Beamforming microphones create a concentrated acoustic zone in a 40° area in front of the user’s mouth and filter out distracting background noise from other directions to pick up the voice clearly. In addition, AI Noise Cancellation technology reduces up to 95% over 500 million types of background noise, such as chatter, keyboard noise, and mouse clicks Together, these technologies enable a clearer, more natural representation of the human voice with minimal distortion .

The hidden microphone design offers a solution to common problems with boom microphones, such as popping and poor positioning. So the Delta S Wireless delivers high-quality voice communication in comfort and style, making it ideal for gaming and streaming.”

ASUS ROG Delta S Wireless - Speaker

Headset information ASUS ROG Delta S Wireless complete with the use of some ASUS Essence drivers/speakers from 50mm (20 Hz to 20 kHz @ 32 Ohm) which promise a more detailed and balanced sound.

headphones are heavy 318 gramsinclude a pair of pads to adapt to the user (synthetic leather or fabric), its technology of fast charge in the 1800 mAh battery, it promises up to 3 hours of audio with 15 minutes of charging via the USB-C port, and as always, no details on the price have been announced.

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