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Windows laptop makers worried about impact of new MacBook Air

It seems that the new Macbook Air from Apple, with the SoC Apple M2account some laptop manufacturers based on the operating system of the Windows. In essence, this fear has to do with the fact that Bitten Apple laptops have increasingly popularto the point that they will affect the sale of laptops based on Windows with an Intel processor, which is the configuration par excellence chosen in this market.

“A Wintel (Windows PC + Intel CPU) vendor pointed out that at a price between $1,000 and $1,500, the MacBook Air will supplant other high-end laptops,” Digitimes revealed.

The report adds that “Upgrades to the Apple M2 processor, camera lens and chassis bring the new MacBook Air’s slight price increase within an acceptable range for consumers.”

MacBook Air vs Windows laptops

Added to this problem is another well-known one, namely that during the second half of this year the PC market will suffer a major setback sales due to consumer concerns about inflation and economic slowdown issues.

Although in Europe one of these teams starts at the cost of €1,519 ($1,556), in the US, the same configuration, comes at a starting price of $1,199 ($1,199).€1,170), and it is a very attractive price for any user who wants an ultra-thin laptop, with great autonomy, and all this while maintaining high power disconnected from the electric current, remembering that the M2 promises improved CPU performance up to 18% and on GPU up to 35% compared to its predecessor.

In this way, Apple manages to offer a round team in all respects in a market as important as the United States, without forgetting to bet on the design of its own chips. makes a noticeable difference make your products start to look attractive enough compared to traditional solutions Windows based with x86 architecture based processor.

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