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will talk like your dearest person

In recent years, the use of AI in mobiles and other devices has made our lives easier when searching for information or performing certain tasks. With Google Assistant or Siri, we were able to search using our voice; however, it goes further. Now, Amazon has the ability to AI Alexa to reproduce the voices of deceased people, bringing the “beyond” a little closer to our lives.

At the conference of Amazon re:Mars 2022dedicated to machine learning, robotics Yes automating, new features for Alexa were introduced. Here, rohit prasadsenior vice president and chief scientist at Amazon Alexa, promised that the AI ​​would receive new capabilities. However, it is something quite controversial and is that among the new implementations, the possibility of using the voices of deceased persons.

Just by listening to the voice of a short audio, the Alexa AI picks it up and plays

This is how we learn about the new Alexa feature, where Rohit demonstrates the results at the conference in Las Vegas. Just by recording a little clip of audiobarely 1 minute duration, it is possible to capture the original voice and modify it. First use the voice saved as a base, for later synthesize it and reach a voice spectrum much wider. In this way, they manage to create and reproduce new voices without investing a lot of time.

And that’s it, the previous methodology using the digital voice assistant required Hours recordings of advertisers in a study. Although the thing does not stop there, since they take the opportunity to extend the uses of this rapid voice creation technology. The demonstration they decide to carry out will be that of reproducing the voices of deceased people via the Alexa AI. For this, and using what has been commented, they used a registration one-minute audio to represent the voice of a deceased elderly person.

The video shows how he reads a story to his grandson, specifically The Wizard of Oz, with the identical voice of the person who has already left us. Thus, Rohit claims that this technology shows that we are in the golden age of Artificial intelligence (IA). Therefore, it is possible to live “where dreams and science fiction will come true”, in his own words.

They sell the Alexa AI as a means of empathizing with the human being

Amazon Alexa AI Dead Voices

It goes on to explain why this demonstration and use of the technology was done, there are many more. The reason for this is that the function serves to honor those who died during the pandemicapproaching them.

But of course it shows Alexa as a device that sympathize with the human being, whereas in this case it is an intermediary. He continues in detail that, although the AI can’t delete the pain suffered the loss, if you can preserve your memories through your voice.

Here we find a way of looking at things, where if we keep an audio of someone who, unfortunately, is no longer with us, it is possible to hear their voice again. We are therefore not limit to the same piece of spoken text and we can just use that voice in another context. However, it remains a bit controversial, where there will surely be people for and people against. Similarly, there is no release date for this update for Alexa, we will have to wait.

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