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Will launch 4 new VR glasses in 2 years

Meta has seen how its product roadmap has been leaked, which extends to 2024, showing what the company has in store for us in terms of VR-related hardware. The roadmap reveals that the company will launch four VR glasseswhich are divided from the most basic range to the high range to cover the different needs of users, and of course, their budget.

Of all of them, we are left with the most interesting, the so-called “Cambria Projectยป, a device belonging to a top of the line which we once knew as Oculus Quest, recalling that the Oculus company was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

The technical details of this new project of VR glasses are not very clear, since they describe that it will have a screen with sufficient resolution for reading text and writing emails or code in a VR environment. We also don’t know its power in detail, but it would be similar to that of a low end laptop in true Chromebook style, for these standalone glasses. Moving on to the operating system, these glasses will use an Android version customized by Metaresulting in a set capable of running web applications and some Quest programs.

Oculus Quest 2 from Meta
Oculus Quest 2

As extras to justify your purchase, this would have a larger battery than the current Quest 2mounted on the back of the helmet improve comfort. Moreover, I would have sensors inside, making it easy to trace eye movement and expressions for map user’s virtual avatar. The last of its features would be the so-called “color passthrough” or color transfer, where they guarantee that it will allow us experience mixed reality.

The known information of the Cambria project is supplemented with something that we know exactly, its price, nothing less than $799way above the $299/$349 that the current Quest would cost, showing that this is a very premium product.

Regarding the rest of the devices, they are expected 2 VR glasses from the Quest rangecodenames Stinson and Cardiff, for 2023 and 2024. Finally, there is a codename Funstonwho will be Cambria’s successor by 2024.

Via: The Verge

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