Unsurprisingly, new rumors are emerging that the launch of Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs for desktops is officially delayed. The reason is also more than obvious: the material is ready, but the software does not.

The ultimate proof is that Intel itself was unable to fulfill the last promise you did around your graphics drivers, which involved running new drivers for your Intel Arc GPUs at the end of April. It’s May, and these controllers haven’t seen the light yet. One of the exciting improvements promised were optimizations that would allow it to increase its 3DMark benchmark score by 15% to approximate the real-world performance of its GPUs.

Of course, these drivers should also incorporate a long list of game compatibility improvements and bug fixes.

Intel Arc GPUs

For this reason, rumors have resurfaced around the delay of its launch, having a new launch window that would be defined between the beginning of July and the end of August (Q3 2022).

It’s also not a good bet that the company’s first line of dedicated GPUs will just hit a release date knowing the performance won’t be as expected, so just like with gaming, better a delay and a launch to the height than to force a launch for fear of announcing a delay and creating a bad reputation for your product.

via: Igor’s Lab