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Why are Core X and Threadripper processors selling less and less?

What was once the best of the best for desktops just a few years ago is now being eclipsed by an ultimately weaker but proving stronger rival. The range of processors Core X and Threadripper is off-peak and there is a very clear reason. Are we before the beginning of the end of the series HEDT?

It’s not something speculative, it’s a reality that both CPU giants are facing and that if nothing changes (and there’s no reason why) the HEDT lineup will give way to the Mainstream more than competent to end up disappearing.

The paradigm shift with Core X and Threadripper in HEDT

AMD IntelĀ® HEDT 2022 3

When you push a market above needs and expectations, you may end up with zero acceptance of the product, mainly because the price is excessive or because you have another product that meets the needs and deadlines of the market. user.

This often happens with cars, where highly innovative models have failed because they were launched ahead of their time. AMD and Intel, especially the former, pushed with both their Threadripper and their 64 cores that more power no longer makes sense on PC. Intel made its last attempt with the 10 Gen Core X and from there it focused its efforts on heterogeneous architectures that achieve the same core count, better efficiency, and significantly more performance.

So what is the HEDT range used for today? According to Puget Systems analysis, Intel Core and AMD Ryzen account for more than half of all systems assembled, with Threadripper the only one saved by their higher total numbers, but… Why are Intel and AMD abandoning them? Well, there are several reasons that lead us to believe that we will officially say goodbye to this new series in not too long.

AMD and Intel stop selling their HEDT processors

Intel is clear: it can’t compete in core count with AMD right now and until Meteor Lake arrives it surely won’t be able to, but it might not want to either. 16 cores for editing video, audio or any heavy work with current architectures and sky-high clocks has become a curiously as useful tool as Core X was, if not better.

AMD will only launch the Threadripper PRO 5000 for professionals, but it has the Ryzen 7000 in the room and will address a significant change later with Zen 5. But what about those who need more than 128 GB more RAM and more cores? Both companies are clear: this type of user must go to the Xeon W or for Threadripper PROmainly because the two giants understand that the needs are commercial and that the desktop processors remain for the rest of the users, as simple as that.

Therefore, stores that still have inventory of the HEDT series are making huge profits by increasing and speculating on existing units in inventory, where prices are already more than double their MSRP in many cases. Of course, nobody lets anything escape here… In any case, everything suggests that HEDT is wiped off the map and now on desktop PCs there will only be the Mainstream range. Success or failure of AMD and Intel with Core X and Threadripper for HEDT?

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