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Whatsapp: Safe Alternative From Worldwide Ingenious Innovation

Whatsapp: Safe Alternative From Worldwide Ingenious Innovation

It’s not Threema: There is another alternative to whatsapp from Switzerland. But this doesn’t cost a cent. We show what significant changes have been made to the “teleguard” app.

We have often reported whatsapp alternatives such as Telegram, Signal or Threema. A relatively new representative is the Swiss app Teleguard, which wants to combine the various strengths of the other apps. These include, for example:

  • Use without a phone number
  • No ads
  • Free use
  • Securely encrypted chat
  • High level of data protection according to GDPR

But one crucial thing was still missing: a dedicated desktop application. That has changed today because Teleguard has been released for Windows. We’ll show you how to connect them to your smartphone app and more.

Teleguard Desktop: How To Use The Windows Version

Download the Teleguard desktop app from CHIP and install it as usual. The application is compatible with Windows 8. When you start it for the first time, you either have to register again or first link the software to your profile. For this, you need:

  • Your Teleguard ID
  • A recent backup
  • The password for the backup

The ID is a kind of substitute for the phone number so that the messenger can work entirely anonymously. You must create the backup and associated password in the smartphone app in the settings. It is best to set an expiry date of one day here.

Now click on “Restore | Load backup” in the desktop program to bring all chat histories and contacts to your PC. The process may take a while, depending on the amount of data.

These Functions Are In Teleguard For Windows.

If the import of your profile is successful, you will find all chat histories. So you can start typing right away, attach files and pictures or call other participants. The synchronization of the chats between mobile phone and PC takes place automatically.

Here we show you a few more practical functions of the desktop version of teleguard:

Search function:

On the top left, you can quickly filter all contacts and do not have to scroll long to find the right person.

Voice messages:

Like in the smartphone app, you can also record voice messages on the PC – provided you have a microphone connected. But that’s always the case with laptops. Click on the orange micro button at the bottom right to do this.


If you double-click on one or more messages, you can use the left arrow to quote in the same chat and use the right arrow to forward the content of the message to other contacts.

What Can Teleguard Do Even Better?

Of course, users who want to switch to another messenger don’t want to miss any of the usual functions. That’s why Teleguard for Desktop would have to upgrade a few functions to increase its chances in the market.

From CHIP’s point of view, these include:

Video calls: Video

Calls are currently only possible in the smartphone app but not yet on the desktop


 There is currently no menu here, so emojis can only be used via the app

Embed gifs:

Many people like to use gifs as reactions in chats, so if there is a privacy-compliant and secure solution, that would be a nice touch.

However, users can be confident that there will be more functions in the future because the smartphone applications are also regularly improved.

How Is Teleguard Financed?

Like Signal, there are no ads in Teleguard, although the applications are all free. The project is financed entirely by donations. So if you use the app for a more extended period, you can support the developers with donations.

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