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We already have a comparison video between The Last of Us Remake and the original

It was quite a surprise to learn that The last of us would receive a remake that would be released not only in playstation5but also in pc. Although there is still time for it to be officially released, we have a video that compares the two versions. This was created by The bit analystwho compared the The last of us original and its remake to show the differences between the two.

when you want to search technical analysis on video games, their performance on consoles and PC or compare remasters and remakes, Digital foundry usually comes to mind. This YouTube channel is known worldwide for its great work in this field, but in Spain we have our own version, of El Analista De Bits.

The Bit Analyst Compares The Last of Us Vs Remake: There Are Notable Improvements

We start the video and the first thing that strikes us is that The Last of Us Remake will receive support for the haptic technology from two way controller play station 55. Moreover, we see the first individual comparison in the scene where they are Joel Yes Elijah petting a giraffe Here we see the first differences, where the Remake features a more realistic model of the animal, although lighting reveals a flatter texture compared to the original. And that’s it, the giraffe does not have a cape of short hair like in The Last Of Us from 2013. On the other hand, the vegetation, lighting, buildings and number of visible assets are greatly improved in The Last of Us. Redo.

The Last Of Us Remake Vs Original Comparison 2

Going a little deeper, we see some pretty drastic changes to the scenery, color tone, and overall atmosphere of it. We have in the original Last of Us a building interior where we see light through some windows and the ceiling with tone warm. Instead, in the remake, everything has colors more coldremove the windows and lighting comes from the roof and the entrance, where they are used volumetric lights. Other than that, the scene receives a noticeable boost in quality, leaving it much more organic and natural.

Here’s how graphics and reflections improve in The Last of Us Remake

The Last Of Us Remake Vs Original Comparison 5 Highlights

In this comparative image we see very big differences between the two versions of the game. Whereas in the original we have a more closed storyline, where a truck and a bus meet too developed. In contrast, in the Remake, these are shown without it, giving the impression that the events happened long before and that vegetation has not yet invaded the site. We particularly emphasize the graphic improvement who receive the reflexes in The Last of Us Remake, where both the bus and the grass can be seen reflected in the puddle.

The Last Of Us Remake Vs Original Comparison 7 Thoughts

Here we can see one of the comparisons where the difference between the 2013 original and the 2022 remake is most appreciated. We can see clear improvements in the lighting, which becomes volumetric and adds ambiance to the scene. The vegetation, which this time overpowers the buildings more aggressively and appears in greater quantities, as can be seen in the trees of the place. Also note that the tonality in this aspect is more neutral and eliminates that green oversaturation that this area has in the 2013 game.

The remake’s facial animations look fantastic

The Last Of Us Remake Vs Original Comparison 6 Animations

One of the biggest criticisms The Last of Us Remake received was for reusing the original animations. Well, to the surprise of many, the comparison mentions that many of these animations have been completely changed. Others are simply improvements to the originals, but, in general, the section on facial animation It received a good facelift. We have as an excellent example, the capture where it is shown Ellie and Rileywhere in the original version his facial animations barely showed emotion.

In the remake, however, Express totally the moment when they want to scare, where we also observe a great improvement in the textures of the characters. However, the exploration and dodging animations that were in The Last of Us 2 will not be present in The Last of Us Remake.

Physics and particle effects will change the gaming experience

The Last Of Us Remake Vs Original Comparison 3 Physics

Ranging from graphics in general to physics and particle effects, these have been significantly improved. We have some explosions when throwing grenades that use volumetric smoke effects, which greatly improves the effects of the original game. Additionally, stone pillars, walls, and stage objects will be more realistically damaged by bullets in the remake. That said, they promise that the physics will offer more interaction with the scene.

The Last Of Us Remake Vs Original Comparison 5 Effects

When it comes to effects, we also see a clear difference for the better in favor of The Last of Us Remake. Thus, we have a flamethrower that reminds us that the original was released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3, compared to the Remake version. In this one, the flames are much denser, spread more realistically and the lighting produced is more natural.

The AI ​​has also been improved, making enemies flank us

The Last of Us 4 AI Comparison

Regarding Artificial Intelligence, Naughty Dog has announced that the Remake will greatly improve it. Although in the original game the enemies came from front for us and we could escape them easily, in the remake, that won’t happen. And it is that in the improved version, AI is smarter and will be able to perform complex maneuvers of accompanying. Thus, it will no longer be so easy to evade enemies and it will be necessary to think about a strategy.

Reviewing the changes so far, thanks to the work of Bit Analyst, who claims he had to save almost the entire game, edit Yes give it back in less than 12 hours. After watching the comparison video and/or reading us, what do you think of the differences? do you think are the changes worth it justify buying the Remake over the original?

Don’t forget that The Last of Us Remake will be released on PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022. Regarding the PC, we know that it will arrive although we do not have a confirmed date because it is still in development.

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