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We have new graphics card news IntelARC, this time in action during the GRID Legends video game. This information comes to us through a YouTube video by TheTerk recorded on the dream hack of dallaswhere we teach gameplay at 1080p from an Intel NUC with Intel ARC graphics. Although the graph model is not displayed, the fps rate seems quite good. Given the performance of the A730M, can Intel also surprise on the PC?

Well, it’s perfectly possible. There is thermal headroom to exploit the performance at the level of its rivals, which would mean entering the market in a very solid way and as soon as they are priced correctly and there is stock, we could talk of a good blow to the market after the delay of GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

How fast does the Intel ARC Grid Legends GPU run on PC?

This information was provided thanks to the leaker @momomo_us, which attaches the video you can see just above. Here we are, with a first look at an unknown Intel ARC running Grid Legendsdriving video game released in february 2022. This video game seems to run smoothly, although to be honest the recording leaves a lot to be desired and it is not possible to analyze exactly how it goes. Moreover, the video game is not that it has certain terms very high, since it asks like minimum an NVIDIA GTX950 or AMD RX 460.

passing to the advisedwe would go up to an NVIDIA GTX 1080 or an AMD RX 590, something a lot of gamers have today, especially from AMD. Add to that the fact that the game only runs 1080pa resolution that is not very high at the moment.

NVIDIA Grid Legends Performance

Therefore, the first impression it leaves us is that it’s not a huge feat to run this game smoothly on a dedicated graphics card. So here we have a benchmark made by notebookcheck, which shows us several graphs and their fps. starting with a spectrum relatively short of laptops, we see a GTX 1650Ti Mobile next to an i7-10750H managing to run the game at 60fps a Ultra.

And as of now, we’re only seeing that number go up, with graphics like the RTX 3060 laptop giving us 104 fps, or an RTX 3090 Delete offer X 126fps It is then that we see a clear example of neckwhere it is necessary to increase the resolution or improve the processor to increase the frame rate.

The NUC containing the Intel ARC is compatible with more powerful dedicated graphics


After this explanation, we return to the computer that houses the Intel ARC graphics card in the video. This appears to be a very similar design to the current Intel NUC 12 Extreme (Dragon Canyon) which, as we can see, allows the use of maps dedicated graphics. Its small size does not prevent it from sacrificing power thanks to the hybrid architecture which uses a refrigeration personalized for the CPU. This would be located on the opposite side of the graphics card in a sandwich structure and would contain a cooling system similar to that of a portable.

With all this, one can only wonder about raison Intel to put an Intel ARC graphics card in such a compact system and not in a desktop PC with a much larger chassis. It may be because the chart used by Intel is extremely small and do not exceed 2 pitches thick. Another alternative is that it is not a high-end model and you want to promote the combination of Intel NUC + ARC in the same team.

But anyway, we will only have to wait and it is that, regarding the launch date of these Intel ARCs, the only information we have is that it will be during summer 2022. Hope to see more model details in future news and pray Intel doesn’t delay more times.

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