The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) today announced the first standard open to the public. for performance of monitors supporting variable refresh rate technology / Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). It is basically a sticker that should provide information about the frame rate of high performance monitors or that a non-high performance monitor is at least VRR compatible.

The VESA Adaptive-Sync display specification (Adaptive Sync Display CTS) provides a comprehensive and rigorous set of over 50 test criteria, automated test methodology, and performance mandates for PC monitors and laptops that support VESA adaptive timing protocols.

VESA Adaptive-Sync Display CTS Specifications

The Adaptive-Sync Display CTS also establishes a product compliance logo program that includes two levels of performance: AdaptiveSyncDisplay, which focuses on games with significantly higher framerates and low latency; Yes MediaSyncDisplaywhich is designed for jitter-free media playback and supports all international broadcast video formats.

With the creation of the VESA Certified AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync Display logo programs, VESA will allow consumers to easily identify and compare the variable refresh rate performance of Adaptive-Sync enabled displays before purchase. Only monitors that pass all Adaptive-Sync Display CTS and VESA DisplayPort compliance tests are eligible for the VESA Certified AdaptiveSync Display or MediaSync Display logos.

The VESA Certified AdaptiveSync Display logo presents a level of performance, including a value indicating the highest possible video frame rate for Adaptive-Sync operation tested with display factory default settings at native resolution (for example, AdaptiveSync Display 144 or 240). There is no performance level for the VESA Certified MediaSync Display logo, as the product certification for this logo focuses on a jitter-free display, not a high frame rate. Display vendors wishing to participate in the VESA Certified AdaptiveSync Display or MediaSync Display logo program can submit their products for testing at one of VESA’s Authorized Test Centers (ATC).