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Used NVIDIA GPU Price Drops Due to Crypto Mining

We have a busy day today when it comes to crypto mining and the PC components market. We recently saw a report indicating a reduction in demand for the number of wafers already an NVIDIA that has reduced the production of its graphics RTX40. Now we add to the mix a crash of the prices of the NVIDIA graphics up to one fifty% on the market of second hand.

You will surely remember how complicated it was to find NVIDIA graphics stock RTX 30 Series, where you had to use bots or follow listings that indicated graphics were available for sale. And talk less about them prices, in the vast majority of cases greatly inflated compared to its official cost. But those times have passed Bitcoin and the ethereal they are no longer worth €55,000 Yes €4,500 respectively, but practically A quarter of this, and in the case of the latest crypto, its value is directly tied to the price of GPUs.

Used NVIDIA RTX 3080s on EBay are sold at 50% of their price

Used NVIDIA RTX 50% eBay

Many people have lost (and others have gained) huge sums of money in cryptocurrencies, both through trading and mining. However, the crypto mining market paradigm has been completely reversed from a large request to a big to offer. Great in quantity, not precisely in quality, since most NVIDIA GPUs on the used market have been used for undermine.

And, as is known, under controlled circumstances, with temperatures of VRM restrained and under pressure, graphics cards can hold in better condition. But of course, here we don’t know the history and context of its use, where the seller himself can lie to us and try to sell us something that does not fulfill what was promised. To this must be added that crypto-miners sell all their stock before losing even more value.

“People don’t want to buy GPUs knowing they’ll be potentially obsolete two quarters from now,” he said. Tristan Gerraanalyst at Robert W. Baird & Co.

Thus, we see a direct relationship between the drop in the price of Ethereum and the price of NVIDIA GPUs on the second-hand market. Therefore, we end up in a situation where graphics cards are observed NVIDIA RTX 3080 used in eBay with prices between 600 Yes $700. Considering the overprice of the same, this supposes a reduction of almost the half of its price there is just 2 months.

NVIDIA has experienced several falls in the stock market for cryptocurrencies

NVIDIA Cryptocurrency Exchange

Here we see how closely Santa Clara company revenue is tied to crypto mining. And it is that at the end of 2018NVIDIA came to see their Shares bagged drop one twenty% in just 2 days, after the crypto crash. To avoid it again, it made gaming GPUs, GeForcewere less efficient in mining and, later, with the inclusion of LHR on the RTX 3000.

But that didn’t exempt the company from receiving criticism and even fines, like the Securities Market Commission what did you ask $5.5 million to NVIDIA for not disclosing the exact impact of crypto mining on its graphics card sales. Meanwhile, sales of new cryptographic products of the company have shrunk so much that by February they were no more than 1% of its total sales, with $24 million.

Given this, the company must take another approach and accept that the crypto mining market is no longer what it used to be. And all this, when Gerra estimates that from the boom of cryptocurrencies, the 35% of all graphics cards were bought by miners. This is a huge amount of NVIDIA graphics cards, which will go on the used market until the situation changes.

Even so, jensen huang, CEO of NVIDIA, remains positive as he said demand for its GPUs remains strong, driven by customers in the gaming, data center and artificial intelligence industries. Something we cannot deny, since the Income NVIDIA’s totals have increased by more than one fifty% at the end 2 years.

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