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USB-C will be mandatory in 2024

The USB-C It looks like it’s here to stay, as confirmed by lawmakers in the European Union. This rule will be implemented starting in the fall 2024where the chargers USB Type-C will be universal for all phones, tablets and cameras in the EU. This is a measure that was already expected, given the pressure exerted in this regard on Apple, which was forced to change the Lightning for USB-C in Europe.

European Union lawmakers have formally agreed to make the USB Type C cable the charging connector Standard of the EU. However, this measure will not be imposed immediately, as it is planned to fall of 2024. Indeed, the Parliament and the Council of the European Union still have to Approve this new law. This regulation will not only affect mobile phones and tablets, but also laptop and his chargerswhich means a problem.

USB-C and portable chargers, a watt problem that does not affect Apple in Europe

100W USB-C laptop charger

Here we get into the complicated and is that currently most laptops come standard with chargers that have connectors owners not USB Type C. These types of chargers typically range between 45-100W for relatively low power and thin laptops up to 240W for games.

In the first use case, we see an implementation of loaders USB-C without problems, in fact, in the market we already find several that offer 100W and are capable of powering such devices. This is the example of USB-C chargers for Apple laptops, such as the Macbook Airwhere their 35W they do not cause problems. Now, on the side of gaming laptops or high yield We need a lot more power.

In these cases they come with brick-type chargers, of large dimensions and weight, where sometimes even two can come. This last example is for high-end laptops, where we see configurations of a pair chargers 330W. Here, using a USB-C charger would totally impossiblesince it offers approximately 100W in its current version, the USB DP 3.0.

USB PD 3.1 will offer up to 240W, especially useful for laptops

USB-C PD 3.1 240W

But don’t lose hope, because a new version is on the way. Announced from 2021USB SP 3.1 promises chargers that will deliver maximum 240W. This would open up a lot of possibilities for all these manufacturers of laptop of medium and high end. Where previously USB-C chargers couldn’t work, we would now see a growing market thanks to new European Union law.

And all this with a better efficiency than traditional chargers and the enormous advantage of being able to find and buy them everywhere. There will be no more cases where our port is not supported, or the proprietary connector charger is not available for purchase. the USB key SP 3.1 will operate under these voltages:

  • 140W -> 28V
  • 180W -> 36V
  • 240W -> 48V

Another detail that also concerns us is that of the fast charge, where the EU is also involved. In this case it is legislate what it calls “harmonized fast charging technology”, which can be the to end conventional fast charges. In the aforementioned USB PD we have this, but at a charging speed Slow down than the Chinese versions.

Finally, it should be added that this new law will oblige consumers to to buy the new USB-C charger, to replace the one supplied as standard. Depending on the price, this could become an inconvenience for customers, who will have a 40 months for laptop Yes 24months for him Rest of devices.

In the meantime, we can only wait until 2024, where we will see how it ends and if we will receive any help or we will have to go through the box to pay for the new USB-C charger in full in Europe.

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