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US puts Intel in trouble, no money for factories?

The problem with announcing something as famous as the CHIPS for America Act by Congress and thus standing up to China and going hand in hand with the EU is that you have to make it a reality as soon as possible, because in this industry, time is short Prié. Well, this is precisely a tactical advantage of the Asian country, because while they have put 40 billion on the table for their memory industry, the United States continues to think about Intel and his factories in Ohio and Arizona have problemsso much so that the company had to delay the opening ceremony.

The future is today, tomorrow is history to be made, yesterday is just learning, but it seems that in the United States, what China is so clear about, they don’t seem to have it even remotely. There are serious delays in the bill and as such, Intel sees everything promised falter.

CHIPS for America Act, too optimistic or too ambitious?


will be 52 billion quite to increase domestic semiconductor production, research and development. A new Cold War where now the enemy of the United States is China and where there will no longer be missiles at stake, but dollars, exports and restrictions to stop everyone everywhere.

The US first attacked with economic sanctions, blockades, banishing Huawei, and now China has counterattacked by shutting down half the world after it shut down, the story remains to be seen where we go, but in semiconductors, the team is undoubtedly winning red flags and that worries Intel.

20 billion for a new SUPER FOB New Albany, Ohiobig part of the strategy MDI 2.0 by Pat Gelsinger passes and, on the contrary, nothing has moved according to reports from the blue team:

“Unfortunately, funding for the CHIPS Act has progressed more slowly than expected and we still don’t know when it will go into effect,” said Intel spokesman Will Moss, who called on Congress to act to ensure that ‘Intel “can move forward at the speed and scale we’ve long envisioned for Ohio” and other US projects.

No date for factories, Intel fears the worst for all government problems


USA is badly affected by inflation, like Europe, there is no money as such in the market, it fell into the hands of the usual, they plundered everything to earn a lot money and now the economy is going to crash until someone really big shakes the ground. Then and only then, it seems there will be decisive actions to change everything, but no doubt, just like China did, the West stops the machinery to be more competitive, to reduce the CPI and focus on the upcoming new economic game.

With this general panorama, we already understand how the USA gives itself the time to accommodate the fall and this will delay the Flea Law for America until an indefinite time, and it seems that it will not be little. As there is no government funding and it is not delivering on its promises, Intel has delayed the FAB inauguration which was scheduled for next month until indefinitely, showing its understanding and ensuring that he is committed to the general plan of the government. .

But it is that it is already affecting more companies, as is the case of GlobalFoundries, which is also issuing an order to the government:

“The CHIPS Act makes the U.S. semiconductor industry more globally competitive. For GlobalFoundries, approval of CHIPS funding would affect the rate and pace at which we invest to expand our U.S. manufacturing capability. “

Interestingly, Europe is doing better than the United States in this regard. Intel has already received €6.8 billion from our continent to start the first phase of the campus that will house the SUPER FAB in Germany. Meanwhile, China is pumping new money into its businesses, so until the United States forces the economy to fall a little further before the coming crash, China, with InnoSilicon in the lead, end up dealing too hard a blow to Western talent. Anyway, Intel is going to have problems with its factories and not only now, will it change its roadmap?

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