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US military not happy with $21.88 billion investment in Microsoft

It seems that the US military’s big bet on Microsoft to produce an army-specific HoloLens 2 is not going to plan, and it has now been revealed that the deal, valued at $21.88 billion, encountered various issues such as lags and clutter within Microsoft’s augmented reality team. The biggest problem is that even the soldiers themselves do not want to use the integrated audiovisual system (VAT). The agreement covers the sale of 121,500 units of these glasses.

A United States Department of Defense audit found that “IVAS program officials have not set minimum levels of user acceptance to determine if IVAS would meet their needs“. This happened because the army did not ask officials to define “adequate levels of user acceptance“. According to the audit, the IVAS contract could represent a great loss for the American army since it is difficult to determine whether the IVAS project will be useful to the army.

IVAS - Microsoft HoloLens for the military

“Acquiring IVAS without gaining user acceptance could waste up to $21.88 billion in public funds building a system that soldiers may not want to use, or use as intended,” the report said. . .

“The survey results show both positive and negative user acceptance. Army officials said it was difficult to gauge soldiers’ opinions.”

“Officials also said challenges in assessing user acceptance included asking the right questions, soldiers not liking change, comparing “in-progress” system prototypes to capabilities current systems, and soldiers’ lack of knowledge or training on the new systems.”

Program officials said that if soldiers don’t like IVAS and don’t think it significantly improves mission accomplishment, then soldiers won’t use it.“.

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