amd saw how its AMD processor family was leaked EPYC 9000 ‘Genoa’family of processors for servers and data centers based on the architecture AMD Zen4 as part of the manufacturing process 5nm from TSMC, with the ability to support up to 12 channels of DDR5 RAMwhich will allow you to manage up to 3 TB of RAM.

He also has access to the interface PCI Express 5.0and this is all tied to a new socket for now known as AMD SP5 (LGA6096), capable of delivering up to 700W of powerwhich implies a notable jump compared to the 450W that the previous SP3 socket (LGA4094) was able to provide.

AMD EPYC 9000 Genoa

Unsurprisingly, the series’ high-end processor will be the AMD EPYC 9654Pmade of 96 cores and 192 processing threads at a Base/Turbo frequency of 2.00/2.15 GHz with access to 384 MB of cache and reaching a TDP of 360W.

Below we have a 64-core model, two at 48 cores, three at 32 cores, three at 24 cores and two at 16 cores. In essence, the family is made up of twelve models, the remarkable thing being that they will only offer a model with 96 and 64 cores. These processors will make their market debut later this year (Q4 2022).

“Genoa” AMD EPYC 9000 series processors
Model Cores / Threads Hidden Frequencies PDT
EPYC-9654P 96/192 384 MB 2.00-2.15GHz 360W
EPYC 9534 64/128 256 MB 2.30-2.40GHz 280W
EPYC 9454P 48/96 256 MB 2.25-2.35GHz 290W
EPYC 9454 48/96 256 MB 2.25-2.35GHz 290W
EPYC 9354P 32/64 256 MB 2.75-2.85GHz 280W
EPYC 9354 32/64 256 MB 2.75-2.85GHz 280W
EPYC 9334 32/64 128 MB 2.30-2.50GHz 210W
EPYC 9274F 24/48 256 MB 3.40-3.60GHz 320W
EPYC 9254 24/48 128 MB 2.40-2.50GHz 200W
EPYC 9224 24/48 64 MB 2.15-2.25GHz 200W
EPYC 9174F 16/32 256 MB 3.60-3.80GHz 320W
EPYC 9124 16/32 64 MB 2.60-2.70GHz 200W

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