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Up to 35% faster than Ryzen 5000

We continue with AMD Financial Analyst Day, this time focusing on processors AMD Ryzen 7000which inaugurates a new architecture, the AMD Zen4which is manufactured by TSMC at 5nm. Of course, this will co-exist with other architectures such as Zen4 V-Cachewhere obviously here the cache memory will be greatly extended, in addition to the Zen4csome low-power cores focused on the AMD EPYC line of processors, and which would achieve a more refined manufacturing process of 4nm to offer processors with configurations up to 128 cores (vs EPYC’s 96 cores with Zen4).

Since we are talking about architectures, we take this opportunity to indicate that in 2023 we will also have three different architectures: Zen5, Zen5 V-Cache Yes Zen5cthat will reach the manufacturing processes of 4nm and 3nm. While there’s no full jump to 3nm, that might lead us to believe that we might see a similar move in its GPU division.

AMD Ryzen 7000, 8000 and EPYC Zen4 and Zen5 Processor Roadmap
AMD Ryzen 7000 will also have a V-Cache version

Let’s get to the point, and that’s that according to what AMD has revealed, the new AMD Zen4 architecture will bring an improvement in IPC that will move between 8 and 10 percentwith a single-core performance improvement of approximately 15 percent. In terms of efficiency, it will bring 25 percent more performance per watt consumed, whereas based on Cinebench benchmark performance, AMD Zen4 processors will be up to 35% faster than those based on Zen3.

Beyond thinking about games, benchmarks or heavy applications, the company also points to improvements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which could indicate hardware dedicated to these capabilities. On the other hand, this new architecture will support the instructions AVX-512 BFLOAT16 and VNNI as part of the ISA processor core.

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