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up to 2000 nits of brightness

Open war for the future of OLED technology between the two main manufacturers on the market with the authorization of Panasonic and SONY. And it’s that taking the technology to the next level within OLED and given what’s been seen, none of them take the beatings too well. Samsung has struck again with QD-OLED and now LG wants to fight back with OLED.EX again enhancing shine.

Don’t think we’re talking about a single digit number or touching the two below, not at all. What Samsung and LG want are substantial increases in brightness to improve contrast and pure blacks on their panels, so the race for this technology is now focused on that.

OLED.EX, the future of televisions with the best image quality, contrast and brightness


LG’s strategy for the brightness of its OLED screens is not very clear, and there is talk of an increase in this more than important, even extreme parameter. There are two paths that seem to come together at some point in television: OLED.EX and MLA.

The first is based on deuterium and one custom algorithm from LG that improve overall picture quality and according to the company, increases up to a 30% brightness compared to the brand’s traditional OLED panels. These panels were introduced in December and were visually better than the previous ones, but since Samsung is hitting 1500 nits levels in specific areas of its current panels, LG has to respond with a second hit, MLA.

deputy is the acronym of Meta-Lift Lens Matrix and according to the leaks that have been found, the improvements will be significant, since what LG calls “luminous efficiency” of its OLED panels, while on the other hand a wider viewing angle is achieved by taking advantage of the pixel characteristics of this technology.

Therefore, with OLED.EX and MLA the company hopes to be ahead of Samsung by a long way, since they speak of very impressive figures if we take into account that we start from 800 nits to 1000 nits on average today: almost 2000nits.

What we don’t know is when they’ll hit the market, but rumors are doing this work for us and it’s said to be at some point. 2023where prices will again be very high.

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