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Unity fires more than 200 workers for mismanagement of resources

We can say that there is a top 3 graphics engines which stand out for their use in the vast majority of video games, although one of them has largely dropped (CryEngine). Therefore, we can consider that Unreal engine and the Unity engine, are the most widely used graphics engines today. Now the company Unity he has fired more 200 workerswith the end of readjust resourcesor so they say.

Technology Unit, creators of popular graphics engine Unity, announced layoffs involving 4% of its total workforce. Although we don’t know the exact numbers, we do know that the company had a total of 5,864 employees in March 2022. However, it is estimated that layoffs Unit totals are between 300 and 400 workersbeing the departments of engineering and AI most affected.

The company assures that the layoffs are to readjust resources

Unity Technologies Layoff Readjustment Resources

The history of the company is curious and it is that it was born from a game that was a failure, called goo ball. This video game used an engine and tools designed by him David Helgason (CEO), Nicholas Francis (CCO), y Joachim Ante (CTO), they jointly funded Unity Technologies in 2004. one year later.

Unity has always been an engine dedicated to independent developers, with a cost much lower than others. Thus, he offered a large number of tools and had a huge community of developers who contributed their grain of sand. This has become popular over the years and already in 2008 it had a million programmers.

However, this changed in 2014, where John Riccitiello, took over the management of Unity. Considering that before it was the CEO of electronic arts (EA) we already have an idea. Now, as we know, John has announced the layoff of over 200 Unity workers, in order to reset The means of the company. This, he says, will allow them to focus and support their increase long-term.

Unit manager John Riccitiello said 2 weeks earlier he was not going to fire anyone

John Riccitiello CEO of Unity Layoffs

However, the worst thing is that John himself announced just 2 weeks ago that Unity had no financial problems and for that, he was not going to lay off his workers. Well, surprise, because as we can see, he didn’t keep his word, but it doesn’t stop there. It turns out that the laid off employees were summoned to video calls, sometimes with members of HOUR. In these, they offered them a month of salaryan additional month of compensation and health coverage COBRA.

Additionally, workers who have been laid off by Unity can choose to return to the company to cover other vacant jobs. Everything is correct, right? Well no, since the company has decreed that to suspend the hiring in all departments. Given this, someone familiar with the situation asked to speak.

In complete anonymity, he mentioned that Unity was a “shitty show”, a company suffering wear Yes mismanagement of its resources for a long time. Recall that Unity Technologies bought the study last year WetaDigitalFounded by peter jacksonfor $1.62 billion. Later, in August, he acquired Parsecwhich allows the streaming of video games, for $320 million.

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