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Unity CEO Calls Out Developers Who Don’t Implement Microtransactions Idiots

Technology Unitthe company behind one of the most popular graphics engines on the market, Unityencourages its partners to add systems of monetization in games. In fact, his CEOHe called “idiots” to developers which did not include microtransactions or other monetization systems in their games. This happened just a day after the announcement of the merger $4.4 billion with source of irona company focused on developing monetization technologies.

Unity Technologies announced yesterday that it is buying IronSource for $4.4 billion. This company is notorious for using all sorts of adware that bombard users with lots of The advertisement. In fact, one of his programs has brought malware. Moreover, since the agreement was made public, Unit shares are down 17%. Whereas at the start of 2022, Unity shares were worth $138now they are only worth $33. This was purchased to increase ad monetization for the company.

Unity CEO John Riccitiello insults developers who don’t use monetization systems

Unity CEO Developers Money Monetization Insult

John Riccitiello, has served as CEO of Unity since 2014, although he previously served as CEO of electronic arts (EA). With that, it’s clear that his actions and words are generally not a pattern in the video game industry. In fact, he was the one who told his employees that I wouldn’t fire anyone of the company because there were no financial problems.

The result was the dismissal of more than 200 employees from Unity, where worst of all, they couldn’t return to the company or apply for other positions. And this is Unity hiring suspended in all its departments after this general dismissal. Now Riccitiello has done his thing again, even saying that developers are fools for not putting microtransaction or advertising systems in their games.

“Developers are the most beautiful, pure and brilliant people. They are also among the most big idiotsRiccitiello said in an interview on Pocketgamer.biz.

In fact, he assures that some games failed because they didn’t implement the “return cycle” of its players. According to him, there are games that focus on capturing the player for a few minutes, when it should have been an hour. Considering the company’s latest acquisition, it seems that Unity will be very aggressive with the The advertisement and monetization from now on.

Riccitiello apologizes for his attitude, but that doesn’t change the path Unity will take

The way he referenced developers and creatives in the video game industry created a lot of offense in his community. Therefore, many of them began to criticize to Riccitiello on Twitter and he ended up deciding to send an “apology”. In this he mentions that everything has been one clickbait out of context and that he is really sorry to have insult to the devs

But that wasn’t enough, because the merger with IronSource counteracts that mentality. We are talking about a software company whose fame lies in its advertising tools, i.e. unwanted advertising. There we find for example iron corewhich comes in the form of browser extension and displays advertisements, hindering the browsing experience.

Another of the included tools would be InstallCorewhich was a bundle of Trojan horse malware included. In fact, Microsoft put InstallCore on its blacklist software to protect users. Thus, between the purchase of this software, the lack of respect towards game developers and the pro monetization attitude of Unity, many abandon the engine.

The Unity CEO’s words are depicted in memes like this

Monetization Developers Unity Idiots Meme

As usual, the community managed not to add a bit of laughter to such an uncomfortable moment. So they designed a confirmation box from Unity asking if you’re going to play your game without monetization systems or microtransactions like an idiot. There is only one choice, to assert that we are, since the other is to exit the graphics engine directly and find an alternative such as Unreal Engine.

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