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UK sues Apple for limiting 25 million iPhones

We return with news that revolves around Apple and, as usual, a new lawsuit has just been filed against the company with the bitten apple. This time it comes from the UK, where a market researcher, Justin Gutmanfiled a lawsuit against Apple for the strangulation generated by the company in its iPhone. It takes $907 million a Manzana to hide software that slowed down iPhones by up to 58%thus affecting 25 million UK users.

It all started when Justin Gutmann, a consumer rights advocate, filed a lawsuit against Apple in the UK’s Competition Appeal Court. In this, compensation is sought for the damage suffered by 25 million British owners of certain iPhone models. Fortunately, it is old modelssince the cause of the request was a tool launched in 2017.

Models affected by throttling range from iPhone 6 to iPhone X

Limitation of older iPhones

In early 2017, with the release of iOS 10.2.1, Apple introduced power management features for older iPhone models: Iphone 6, 6plus, 6S, 6SMore, I KNOW, seven, 7plus, 8, 8plus and iPhone X. With this we wanted to avoid unexpected power outages in moments of maximum power consumption when they had dead batteries, in addition to this, extend the autonomy. To do this, the company had no other idea than to reduce the speed of its devices, thus reducing energy consumption by extending the autonomy, but of course they made the devices slower.

This practice continued until the end of 2017, thus affecting many customers who were unaware of this peculiarity of the software update. Although Apple later apologized and offered substitutes battery for $29 for iPhone 6 and later, the problem persists. And it is that, these replacements under thirty dollars only lasted until the end of 2018, increasing the price later.

With the arrival of the update iOS 11.3 provided battery status details and authorized disable the tool this limited performance. Years later, with iOS 13.1added the rest of iPhones who suffered a strangulation. As we can see, it was already a fairly late move, since after several years, a new demand knocked on the company’s doors.

Lawsuit seeks $907m to be split among 25m UK iPhone users

Apple iPhone UK Lawsuit

According to Gutmann, the plaintiff, Apple introduced these features to conceal the fact that Battery of iPhones couldn’t cope with the terms new versions of iOS. With this, instead of removing the devices or replacing the batteries, he chose to put in said tool.

Along with this, it has caused users to notice that their iPhones show lower performance when downloading new versions of iOS. So they would probably have sale their models more Newinstead of explaining what happened. As we explained before, there have been some changes, but already the reputation of Apple had been damaged.

“Instead of doing the honorable and legal thing for your customers and offering free replacement, repair service or compensation, deceived apple to people hidden a tool in software updates that slow motion your devices up to 58%”said Mr. Gutmann.

Also, this wouldn’t be the first time Apple has been sued for throttling over the power management tool. In 2020the company agreed to pay up to $500 million to cover the class action brought in UNITED STATES. A similar argument was used here, accusing it of “secretly slowing down” older iPhones.

In his defence, given the current situation, Manzana sent a statement to Guardianassuring that his intention was not to harm the user to buy new models of iPhones.

“We never did anything to shorten intentionally the lifetime of any Apple product, or to degrade the user experience in order to generate customer updates. Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love and to make them iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of it.”

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