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Twitch will once again make changes that cut streamers’ revenue

After adjusting the prices of your subscriptions at local prices, it looks like more bad news is coming for streamers of Twitterand it is that Bloomberg revealed the company’s future adjustments, the brief summary of which will be encourage the addition of more advertising for users who are not subscribed to your streamers, reduce profits streamers from 70 to 50% (70% for the biggest streamers), a new level system, there is no more exclusivity with the platformand these changes would arrive as early as this summer.

“Ads are controversial on the platform because they interrupt live programming. Viewers often complain about missing important moments in a streamer’s game, and artists have said ads can alienate audiences and harm to their stats. But some Twitch streamers see ads as a necessary nuisance to keep their business going when subscriptions aren’t enough.”

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In truth, at least outside the United States, the revenue offered by advertising is minimal, and if we are talking about small streamers, practically non-existentbut in the moment of truth it is a necessary problem for the platform, because from there Twitch earns money, which is necessary to maintain the platform.

“For Amazon, running a large-scale live streaming business is expensive. Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for $970 million, and after years of prioritizing growth, Twitch executives are increasingly focused on financial sustainability. Twitch’s advertising push is part of a larger movement in the media industry.”

Last week, Netflix said it was experimenting with adding ads. Sony also plans to sell ads in PlayStation games. This announcement came just after Xbox did the same.

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