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TSMC closes Q2 2022 earning 36.6% more than Q2 2021

TSMC announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2022 (Q2 2022), and as expected, its revenues continue to grow, to the point of generating $18.16 billionwhich represents strong growth in 36.6% experienced during the same period last year (Q2 2021), and a small growth 3.4% compared to Q1 2022, a quarter that ended with record growth of +35.5% compared to Q1 2021 with revenues of $16.965 million. So yes we have a new quarter with a record income.

According to the company, its 5nm manufacturing process already accounts for 21% of total wafer turnoverwhile 7nm counts for 30%. If we focus on 7nm and more advanced manufacturing processes, such as enhanced 7nm or the different variants of 6nm and 5nm, these manufacturing processes represented 51% of total income for the pancakes.

Unsurprisingly in between, the company’s own estimates reveal that the next quarter they’ll close it with another revenue record up to $20.6 billion.


“Our business in the second quarter was driven by demand from HPC (high performance computing), IoT (Internet of Things) and automotive,” said Wendell Huang, vice president and chief financial officer. from TSMC.

“As we enter the third quarter of 2022, we expect our business to be supported by continued demand for our industry-leading 5nm and 7nm technologies. »

Based on the company’s current business outlook, management expects global results for the third quarter of 2022 to be as follows:

  • Revenue is expected to be between $19.8 billion and $20.6 billion (another new high)

  • The gross profit margin should be between 57.5% and 59.5%;

  • The operating margin will be between 47% and 49%.

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