We continue to see disproportionate cooling systems for SSDs, and this time we meet the JiuShark M.2-Threewhich we could basically say is a cooling system for the CPU but suitable for an SSD, as it comes with the classic tower-shaped design, and measures no less than 82mm tall x 35.5mm wide with a weight of 113 gramstherefore its presence in the system will not leave anyone indifferent.

JiuShark M.2-Three - SSD Heatsink

Thus, we come across a radiator composed of 27 aluminum fins crossed an 8 mm thick copper heat pipe that comes into contact with a thermal pad that sits above the SSD. All this is hidden in a generous base also in aluminum. As if that weren’t enough, mount a fan in the radiator which is able to rotate until the 3000RPM generate a current of air 14CFM with a static pressure of 1.33mmH2O with a sound volume of 25.4 dBA.

The result of all this translates into temperatures almost halved. As an example, they give us a Samsung 980 PRO with 500 GB of capacity, where squeezing it to the maximum we will pass from 92 to 57ÂșCthere is therefore a great improvement in temperatures, but of course at a great cost of space inside the system.

JiuShark M.2-Three
JiuShark-M.2-Three SSD heatsink divided into parts

Most curious of all is that this SSD heatsink went on sale in China at a price of 60 yuan (8.59 euros) or 89 yuan (12.74 euros) for a black version with a graphene layer, so it’s a sensational price considering the future PCI Express 5.0 SSDwhich will generate more heat than current PCIe 4.0 SSDs, which due to the notorious increases in temperatures are already very common to find with even all-copper or aluminum SSDs and a copper heat pipe so that its performance is not compromised.

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