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Threadripper 7000 with 96 cores!

After the presentation of the Threadripper 5000 PRO, AMD left a good taste in our mouths for several reasons. The first is the fact that it has not neglected the HEDT range and the second is that it has offered a series of very competitive processors for the most demanding users in terms of performance. That said, many have speculated that the Threadripper will end on desktop, but new information not only disproves it, but also gives us an exclusive: there will be Thread cutter 7000 with 96 hearts.

AMD doesn’t seem to have slept for the past couple of years and for some reason I’ve already seen Intel’s Alder Lake hit come across all strata and segments of PCs and laptops. It’s the only way to understand the crushing performance the Zen 4 architecture is going to have this year and next. The information is sparse here, but really interesting and it should always be treated as a rumor, but given the accuracy of the leak, it’s likely to be very true.

AMD Threadripper 7000: Zen 4 with 96 cores in 2023?

There is one more factor apart from the fact that the leaker has a proven reputation in this industry, and that is nothing more than confirmation of the existence of the EPYC Genoa Zen 4 96 Core. What we do know is that this EPYC series processor 7004 would have 12 crisps where everyone would integrate 8 hearts under Zen 4 architecture.

It looks like AMD is going to take advantage of the SP5 socket to achieve greater success from the skillful chips presented for the EPYC lineup that would not have passed the relevant tests to achieve it, so those on the red team would allocate those chips to the aforementioned Threadripper 7000. That supposes increase the number of cores by 50% compared to the current series until reaching the mentioned 96 cores, where the complete chips would be with 128 cores for EPYC series.

Another issue to discuss is the code name and release date of these Thread cutter 7000. As a microarchitecture it has no name for now, at least filtered, internally it certainly has one except that it has not been revealed, while there are more doubts about the coming out on the red carpet.


AMD’s schedule for this year and the start of next year is more than tight: Zen 4 desktops, high-end laptops, low-end laptops and games (new against Intel) the EPYC 7004 aforementioned and now HEDT Threadripper 7000 series with 96 cores. Most likely, we’ll see them arrive in the first quarter of 2023, where AMD will have time to get its hands on a good stock of chips that will surely pass more tests to derive them from this HEDT line.

They should therefore not be expected before these dates, unless there is a reversal of the scenario where they intend to crush Intel on all segments almost without respite.

via: Moore’s Law is Dead

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