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this is the new CPU from the father of AMD Ryzen

Today we have news from Japan and it is that two big names in the semiconductor industry, David Bennett and Jim Keller, are announcing a new processor with AI. Said CPU would be the new invention of Jim Kelleran industry veteran, who claimed he will have the architecture RISC-V.

Starting with David Bennnet, he retired from his position as CEO of Lenovo Japan and NEC Personal Computers on June 3 and just 3 days later he will be the Bcc (responsible for communications) torrent. This company, focused on the development of processors for AI, was founded in 2018 by Rubisha Baziouk, CEO and former architect of amd.

Jim Keller has worked on the development of Intel, Apple and AMD processors

Jim Keller Intel Apple RISC-V

Within this team, we also have someone very well known, Jim Kellerformer Chief Processor Architect Intel and one of the A chip developers of Manzanawho will hold the position of CTO (Head of Technology). Jim would also be one of the investors and leaders in the development of these new Tenstorrent processors. What is curious is how this company, practically unknown managed to get this staff of very knowledgeable people in the industry.

In Tenstorrent, processors for AI have already been developed such as the “gray skull“, which aims to be superior in terms of AI learning and efficiency compared to current processors and GPUs. Grayskull has cores called “Tensix hearts“, consisting of 5 processors RISK Yes an arithmetic unit for processing Tensor.

Tenstorrent Grayskull, CPU for AI in PCIe format

Tenstorrent Grayskull IA RISC V PCIe

In addition, it contains a network processor to speed up compression operations and 1/2 MB of SRAM. This is offered as a card PCI-Express for use in blade servers or racks and also offers solutions based on the cloud. However, this is only the beginning and with Jim Keller great things are expected, such as the creation of a RISC-V CPU.

It would be a very interesting move on Jim’s part, going from helping industry giants in a closed environment to being very supportive of the open standard. This is architecture RISC-Vthat we could consider as an alternative to free material to Intel and AMD. Moving away from x86 and x64 designs and even ARM RISC-V poses a design of reduced user manual which will separate from all that we know.

By this we mean that if we know mainly x86 and ARM, each with their software compatibilities, RISC-V starts from zero. So you need a developer own language with which it will communicate with the rest of the programs and, at the same time, it will compile it in a different way. This architecture is not new, since it has already been used, but only in accelerators or coprocessors.

However, that is about to change as Jim Keller and his team at Tenstorrent have announced that they are creating a RISC-V processor from high yield for general use. This processor will be considered an innovation in the world of semiconductors and will accelerate processes by AI.

Via: PCWatch

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