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This is N-FRAME-OP01, open box, stand and monitor all in one

The world of PC cases is not just limited to typical towers E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX That is Mini ITXbut outside of these standards we find more variety from modders and makers personalized. The one on today’s news comes from a Japanese company, Nagao Industrie Inc. who made a pc case open frame. In addition to this, a brackets which allows to join the computer and the monitor, compatible with VESA, it’s like that N-FRAME-OP01.

For tastes, colors, or that’s how we say, and that’s how it is; the choice of a PC case is going to be decided entirely by the customer. It is one of the few components where you can focus solely on your aesthetic I Feature. Considering whether computer cases provide us with cooling, ports, or greater silence in general terms, it’s rare to see use in chassis like the open frame of the news.

N-FRAME-OP01, a support to connect the PC to a monitor via VESA

Sizes N-FRAME-OP01 ATX Monitor

N-FRAME-OP01 is compatible with the VESA standard 75x75mm/100x100mmwe have this PC case designed by Nagao Industry Inc. The company, founded in 1971, is engaged in the processing of metal of high accuracy and its manufacture. with customers of medical sectortelecommunications, equipment audio and computer manufacturing OEMthe company is presented as an industry veteran.

They thus created a open frame chassis compatible with all PC tower formats mentioned above. These would be EATX, ATX, MATX, ITX; referring to its compatibility with motherboards. That’s why we have the availability of brackets connect the monitor to a PC in all versions possible. Therefore, depending on the size of the board, the components and the source that we want to use, we can mount from a small PC to another with an E-ATX board and liquid refrigeration.

However, there are some limitations, for example, it is not compatible with power supplies special effects, which are generally used in small computers. It also cannot be combined with the support for the rear liquid cooling, having to install it on one side. Also, compatibility with all devices is not guaranteed. monitorsin fact, do not indicate compatible screen models.

What it is compatible with, and thank goodness, are standard ATX sized fonts, which are cheaper than SFX ones. Concerning the support itself, it allows adjust the the size monitor at intervals of 12.5mm; providing sufficient flexibility in this regard. The last of the additions you mention would be that the stand comes with support for to prevent it wobbled Although in the photos that we see of the finished product the result is quite original, we can’t help but wonder: what is type of clientele is this product intended for?

It has a pretty unique design, but we couldn’t find a use for it to buy.

Open Frame Monitor PC Stand

And it is that, in terms of portability, we are facing a complete team that occupies a lot of volume, with a height and thickness worthy of a normal PC case. We comment on this, because we see a manipulate at the top, something that does not give us much Security being a completely open system. Being optimistic, it may be aimed at those with on-screen computers, but it also doesn’t offer that aggressive look and RGB lighting we’ve grown accustomed to.

Also, to top it off, the support N-FRAME-OP01 one buys separately of the open chassis and, without knowing the price, we assume that it will come out Dear. We end with this leaving the product specifications:

  • Material: Iron of 2mm thick.
  • Treatment: Black paint.
  • Accessories: Screws assembly + rubber feet non-slip + Manual Instructions.
  • Dimensions of the package: 360mm X 130mm X 30mm about.
  • Total weight: 880 grams about.
  • Place of manufacture: Made in Japan.

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