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They Arrest Scammers Selling Cheap Products On 70 Fake Websites

How many times while surfing the Internet, looking for the best price, we find offers that are too good to be true. And it is that, in the vast majority of cases, they turn out to be a fraud and the web pages that publish them can be denounced. That said, they have now arrested a criminal network that had 70 websites fraudulentwith which they managed to fly 2.5 million euros through 4,000 victims.

Officers from the Cybercrime Department of the Central Operational Unit of the The police station They dismantled a criminal group that defrauded with the sale of electronic products on 70 web pages. A total of seven members of the group of cybercriminals were stopped and there may be third parties involved. This operation took place on Monday, June 27, requiring entry into six homes and two local. These were located in Bigues i Riells, Eastern ValleyLa Roca del Vallès, Lliçà d’Amunt and Granollersin CataloniaBarcelona.

The scammers were selling much cheaper washing machines, televisions or game consoles on their websites

Home appliance scammers OLED TV consoles

The group of criminals managed to defraud thousands of people thanks to the publication of very juicy offers on many web pages. These websites are positioned in the first place when searching in our Internet browsers. And that’s it, the criminals invested a Large sum of money to ensure they were visible to potential victims.

The moment we entered one of these scam web pages, we found some offers hard to believe. Among its products, we sold household appliances, televisions, portable swimming pools, game consoles and sofas. at cheaper prices than the competition. They attracted attention because they were in Stock the vast majority of the time, despite its incredible price.

This is when the scam was carried out, because once the customer made the purchase and made the transfer, he never received the product from the web. This caused an accumulation of negative comments and reviews, as well as complaints command and come back. However, most of them did not receive a response and if they did, they used the excuse that they were working with different suppliers.

The scam involved 70 fraudulent websites, 4,000 people affected and 2.5 million euros

Scam 70 Web Pages Mossos Esquadra Intervened Domain

The Civil Guard investigative group focused its efforts on locating the server where the web pages were hosted. Thus, they were able to know where he was and physically intervene in his place. Therefore, it is not only the closing of the web pages electronic scam in question, but they were able to set up a message to remark.

So, when accessing one of these websites, we would see “This domain intervened“next to the logos of the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Civil Guard. Thanks to this measure, they prevented 1,000 people could be potential victims of these scam websites. When it comes to crime data, there are a total of 70 fraudulent websites, which allegedly deceived 4,000 people and got 2.5 million euros of them.

Moreover, these data are considered provisional, with the possibility that they will increase when the final results are revealed. That said, during the intervention, they seized computers, documentation, wallets cryptocurrenciesvarious HDDs and one waiter. Since the investigation is still open, it is likely that third parties are involved in this scam, as well as a greater number of affected victims.

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