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These are the hard drives with the most failures this quarter, is it yours?

When buying a hard drive, we want to make sure that our Data they are completely sure as long as possible. However, the technology is not perfect and we may get scared and lose them due to hard drive failure. Therefore, it is very important to classify the models and we can see that in this report which indicates the Hard disk with more failures of Q2 2022.

backblaze returns again to monitor a large number of hard drives and bring us the most reliable information in the industry. Thus, at the end of the second quarter of 2022, he supervised a total of 219,444 units of hdds and ssds, although here we focus on hard drives. Thus, there are 215,424 hard drives left, of which 413 used for the test models are eliminated. Finally, the total number will be 215,011 hard drives analyzed during the second quarter of 2022.

This is the hard drive failure rate in the second quarter of 2022

Hard drives Failure rate AFR Q2 2022

For the assessment of the failure rate of hard drives during this second quarter, a follow-up of 215,011 HDD units distributed between 27 models of the most popular brands. So we have the companies HGST, Seagate, Toshiba Yes WDC (WesternDigital). In total, these hard drives total more than 19 million days usefulgiving rise to 763 failed hard drives. Thus, on average, the failure rate of hard drives measured in FRG during Q2 2022 came from a 1.46%a value greater than 1.22% from Q1 2022 or the 1.01% from Q2 2021.

Much of the blame lies with the aging of hard drives, which overall affects their useful life. However, failures of brands such as Toshiba or HGST also increased compared to other quarters. Still, Seagate leads in failure rate, with a noticeable difference to the rest of the manufacturers. But everything must be analyzed in detail and account must be taken of the days of use that they carry on their back oethe number of discs during the evaluation.

Hard drive with the highest percentage of failures in the second quarter of 2022

Hard disk Seagate ST14000NM0138 of 14 TB with a 5.64%.

Seagate ST12000NM007 of 12TB with a 5.01%

Seagate ST4000DM000 of 4TB with a 3.42%.

Toshiba MG08ACA16TE of 16 TB with a 2.79%.

However, if you look at Seagate’s two highest failure rate drives, only just over 1,000 drives of each were tested. Instead, with the Seagate 4TB mentioned, they used 18,359 hard drives of this model during the second quarter of 2022. Therefore, if we have to choose the baddest hard driveit will be the Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB.

HDD failure rate over its lifetime

Annual Failure Rate of Backblaze Hard Drives

Here are the three hard drives with the highest failure rate:

The HGST of 8TB (model: HUH728080ALE604) with a 6.26%.
The Seagate of 14 TB (model: ST14000NM0138) with a 4.86%.
The Toshiba of 16 TB (model: MG08ACA16TA) with a 3.57%.

However, one must take into account the confidence intervals and how they vary greatly from model to model. For example, he WDC WUH721816ALE6L4 of 16 TB comes to a 54.6%, which indicates that the values ​​still differ a lot. Another example would be the HGSTHUH728080ALE604 of 8TB who comes to a 27.40% and we can say that it is still not a very reliable data to see the AFR.

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