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These are the cards that can overclock your locked Core 12

Desktop processors from Intel with the Alder Lake architecture have been on the market for many months and among them there are versions colloquially called non-K on the Internet, or in other words, non-K processors. These processors are blocked against overclocking, but as they say, the law is done, the cheat is done, and after several tests and a standoff with the blue giant, what happens to us is precisely motherboards which remove the limitation of overclock in you Core 12 locked.

As usual and being almost a classic, two brands are the ones that have taken Intel’s policy and ignored it as they also do with AMD. We are talking about MSI and ASRockwhich will certainly present their two models with the possibility of overclocking locked Core 12 processors via BCLK.

Overclocked motherboards for your locked Core 12, when will they arrive?


Well, as they say, there will only be two models, at least for now, but why has it taken so long for them to be officially presented and release dates revealed? Well, it looks like it’s because of Intel.

Manufacturers see sales potential in this type of product which bypasses Intel’s standards at the price that in the event of a breakdown, the blue giant does not support processor warranty. And that’s something Intel doesn’t like at all because it generates bad and possible notoriety that it tries to avoid. According to those of Pat Gelsinger, the company claims that these CPUs are not prepared for overclocking and degrade performance very quickly, putting their integrity at risk.

It is true that increasing the frequency implies raising the temperature and the voltage, but does it really degrade faster? i9-12900 only to one i9-12900K at the same rate of growth? Probably not, but just in case and if you want to buy one of these cards with a non-K CPU, keep in mind the risk you run if something goes wrong or the CPU suddenly dies.

MSI MAG B660M Deadly Max WiFi DDR4


The best of them is this MSI, which integrates a connector of 8 pin + 4 pin for CPU and thus it will be able to feed its 14 phase VRM. For this reason, it includes a good heat sink as well as very interesting features to be a M-ATX motherboard.

The key here is the addition of an external BCLK clock via the brand’s overclocking engine that allows you to bypass Intel’s restriction and get a final boost in speed from any locked Core 12 processor.


It looks like you can also change the YOU and the PAD of the processor, thus achieving more than interesting figures in processors without the possibility of overclocking by multiplier. It’s expected to hit stores next month at an undisclosed suggested price, but either way it’ll be lower than $200 as commented.

ASRock B660M PG Riptide

B660M-PG-Riptide-boards overclock core locked

It is the second motherboard to be discordant with Intel and it also comes with the feature of 8+4 pins food for 15-level digital VRM. The aesthetics are more sober and the heatsink is a little simpler than in the MSI version for this chipset. Instead, there’s no introductory price, although it will also hit stores next month.

B660M-PG-Riptide-boards overclock core locked

In any case, none of them will have problems uploading a processor, even if it is the i9-12900 as such, because before that we will have thermal problems as a rule.

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