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Thermalright Fixes Intel Alder Lake CPU Tilt Issue

A few weeks ago, Intel itself was talking before curvature issues your Alder Lake processors were experiencing.

In summary, the anchoring system specific to the LGA1700 socket, by pressing on the CPU to have the maximum possible contact with the pins, ends up forcing the CPU to archmaking him stay a little play between the CPU package (IHS) and the cooling systemtherefore the cooling is not as perfect as it should be and there would be a loss of performance.

According to Intel’s estimates, there is talk of a decrease about 5ºC which, in theory, shouldn’t affect CPU performance, unless a borderline cooling system is already in use, and that 5ºC already marks the ceiling of the CPU’s safe operating temperature .

Thermalright Flexure Corrector Frame

We now know that Taiwanese society thermal right created a solution for this, dubbed “Thermalright Flexure Corrector Frame” (its own name leaves nothing to the imagination), which you can also choose in red or silver, what it does is correct this camber by squeezing the CPU evenly allowing this when placing the heatsink all copper bases contact IHS to deliver the performance really expected (replaces the original docking system of the motherboard).

This concealer has a very cheap price, because it is sold in China for 39 RMB, €5.54 / 6 dollars to change, so it’s a very low cost for the improvement it can bring to the system. If we add to this that it even comes with thermal paste and the assembly tool, you won’t find any faults with it.

Thermalright Curvature Correction Frame on an Intel Alder Lake Processor

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