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The wave of sales of GPUs from mining begins

With the fall in value of Ethereum, it is no longer not even profitable for mine this cryptocurrency due to the cost of electricity, and we have already warned that to finish amortizing the investment made by the miners, now the next step is to wholesale graphics cards.

It was in China that it began to emerge a tsunami of GPUs for sale internet cafes which were closed turning companies into mining farms, as it was more profitable to mine gaming hardware than to charge people to use the systems. Now all that excess material has gone straight in the second-hand market.

Sale of mining GPUs in China

To give us an idea, they are sold on auction sites, where a GeForce RTX 3060Ti It can be purchased at certain prices in exchange for 285 to 380 euros, and it is that this scale depends on the seller and the need to sell as soon as possible before prices fall. For reference, said GPU is around our market at a price portion around €545 – €550so the price difference is quite remarkable, and even more so at a time when gamers want an affordable GPU card, since the next generation of GPUs will be anything but affordable.

If we add to this that it is expected that in August or September Ethereum has moved to the Proof of Stake modelwhich implies You will no longer be able to take advantage of GPU power for miningbecause it is clear that the drop in the price of Ethereum is accelerating the massive sale of these GPUs.

Seen the seen, it looks like 2018 history will repeat itselfand that means a second hand market plenty of mining GPUs at affordable pricesso it’s clear that the proprietary GPU market is going to take a big hit, let alone when it happens, will also affect the next generation of GPUsalready having rumors of an NVIDIA that would have already delayed the launch of its GeForce RTX 40 series because you want to wait for current stock to empty, but with the impending wave of affordable used GPUs, even such a delay it will be insufficient to make this new series of GPUs a bestseller at launch.

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