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The temperature problem is solved with a Thermal Pad at 13 €

If you bought a Macbook Air new ones, equipped with the chip Apple M2you may want to know a quick, simple and economical way to solve the cooling problems that this equipment presents, which unlike the MacBook Pro M2, this model does not have a fanso that all the thermal load falls on a single heatsink.

This is especially noticeable in heavy applications such as Lightroom, where it would rub a temperature of 100ºCor of course, a demanding reference like the Cinebench R23, where the throttling is even more pronounced until it causes a noticeable performance hit. But fortunately, the youtubeur Max Tech gives the solution to correct the problem: you will only need a screwdriver, some thermal pads (Thermal Pad) and 5 minutes of time.

MacBook Air M2 with thermal pads

Essentially, removed the four screws which close the bottom of the MacBook Air chassis and placed some 1.5mm thick thermal pad on the back of the cooling system itself. Everything was very fast, simple, clean, without losing the guarantee and of course, cheap, since the same pads used, 1.5 mm thick and a thermal conductivity of 12.8w/mk they cost 13.59 eurosa fairly reasonable price not only to lower temperatures, but also to increase the performance of the device.

After installing the pads, on the Lightoom Classic, exporting 50 42MP images, the team went from taking 2 minutes 55 seconds to 1 minute 56 secondseven less than the MacBook Pro M2 (2 minutes), thanks to a temperature between 70 – 80ºC in front of the 100ºC which generated throttling issues and the resulting loss of performance.

We saw another example in Cinebench R23, and that was that reaching 108ºC in 28 secondsat least now it cost him to reach the same temperature 1 minute and 23 seconds. The problem is not fixed, but it is minimized, allowing you to generate better performance: 8684 dots against 8551 points without the thermal pad. After having passed the benchmark 6 times in a row, we are talking about 8072 against 7454 points. Obviously, this is already an extreme use case for the chip.

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