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The NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti at 3 GHz and with 1200W destroys all records

Today we have news of the pottery we love so much, this time to show who manages to overcome the world records performance with graphics cards. This is the case of the South Korean overclocker Biso Biso, who managed to break several world records using an NVIDIA GPU. RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN. To achieve this, he had to overclock the graphics card to almost 3GHzconsume 1200W and requiring liquid nitrogen to cool it.

Team EVGA Biso Biso overclocker accomplished this feat using the high-end graphics card, the EVGA RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN, ready for overclocking with a total of 28 steps feed. In fact, this graphic comes standard with a cooling system liquid of 360mm and 3 fans, but that’s not enough.

The RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN and its 28 phases withstood almost 3 GHz of OC


In this case, the South Korean overclocker has been using the chart since around April and until today publishes its results on the popular platform HWBOT. His best result is the one we are commenting on today, obtaining the 2.925MHz for the core and 24 GB/s (+1500 MHz OC) for memories, i.e. 1152 GB/s bandwidth. However, it was enough to Gain to overclockers from other teams like Galax, who use the RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC LAB, as your winning bet.

To talk about how he managed to break the records, we will first have to mention his configuration, and that is that Biso used 2x RTX 3090Ti overclocked to the limit. Your system consists of an EVGA motherboard MOORING PIN Z690 DARK, with an Intel processor i9-12900K a 5.4GHz and some G.SKILL Trident Z5 memorabilia at 6400MHz with CL32. To cool the high consumption of the system had to use a cooling system LN2 custom, using fans night high speed industrial

The custom LN2 refrigeration system used to cool the total 2500W

RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN LN 2 OC Extreme

The consumption produced by the two graphics cards with overclock is enormous, as can be seen in the photo; need a total of 2x Sources EVGA SuperNova T2 Power Supply 1600W each. This is because there is a total of 4 connectors Power source 16 pins (2 for each GPU), requiring a total of 12 x 8-pin connectors to feed both graphs. This results in a consumption more than 1200W for each 3090 Ti KINGPIN, exceeding the 2500W between the 2. To all this we would leave the consumption of the rest of the system, where we have an Intel i9-12900K at 5.4 GHz which adds several hundred extra watts, perhaps more than 350 watts.

Everything to achieve the results that we had already mentioned before, to achieve almost 3GHz with both graphs, where the maximum speed was 2,925 MHz. Here, the cooling system worked perfectly with a Temperature below 0 degrees thanks to LN2, in particular –40ÂșC for both cards. Finally, regarding the results, broke world records in 3DMark and in Overlay using one or both graphs as seen here:

  • 3DMark Port Royal (1x) – 19,880 Points – World record of 3090s.
  • 3DMark TimeSpy Extreme (1x) – 14,977 Points.
  • 3DMark Time Spy Extreme Graphics Score (2x) – 27,383 Points.
  • Unigine 1080p Overlay – 19,201 Points.
  • Unigine 4K Overlay – 25,901 Points.

As we can see, this is a graphics card specially designed for overclockers who want to push the hardware to the limit and don’t care about power consumption.

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