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The new MacBook Pro is the 2020 model with a new SoC

More information continues to be revealed regarding the new Macbook Pro with the Apple M2 SoC. The first thing we know is that 256GB SSD is 50% slower compared to that of its predecessor based on the Apple M1 SoC, and the latest information comes from I fix itwho during the dismantling of the equipment discovered that this it was identical to the model released in 2020that is, Apple simply took advantage of the laptop that already existed and replaced the Apple M1 SoC with the Apple M2.

That’s the only change the company has made from generation to generation (not including the slower SSD in its more affordable version), so in a year and a half, the company hasn’t made any other improvements that might be important in a laptop like adding a better screen, better keyboard, adding a higher density battery, improving the connectivity, etc.

“We have trouble distinguishing between our 13″ M1 MacBook Pro and our 13″ M2 MacBook Pro. But that’s completely understandable,” they tell iFixit.

“Not only do they look identical, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between these two models, other than the processor.”

MacBook Pro 13 M2 vs. MacBook Pro 13 M1
MacBook Pro 13″ M2 (left) vs MacBook Pro 13″ M1

This way everything is identical, to the point that the chassis reflects that it is “Model A2338”, so for Apple this update is not new equipment, but an update as such. The cover is the same, the screws, and while there might be different chips, they’re in the same place and that’s down to a simple decision related to the availability of their vendors, but essentially the only change between the model of 2020 and 2022 is the SoC.

Visually, they are distinguished by the silver finish Fan and 256 GB SSD configuration with two tokens of memory, since the new model with the Apple M2 sees how the fan is completely black, and the loss of performance of the SSD is related to the use of a single memory chip of higher density but with lower speed.

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