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The new Chinese processor matches AMD with half the cores and less consumption

The West will sooner or later have a problem with Asia, there is no doubt about that. And we’re not talking about economic warfare or production, we’re talking about semiconductor design. Following the latest releases, what we can see is how China has taken another step forward with its new Zhaoxin KH-4000 processor, a processor from 16 cores which surprised everyone by matching an AMD EPYC 7601.

China’s strategy is not to compete with Intel and AMD in the field of PCs, but to go further, towards servers, to achieve the independence it needs in its infrastructures. For this reason and although they do not take their eyes off the PC as such, today we have the first results of its best CPU to date and… Watch out for China and its future.

Zhaoxin KH-4000, China’s Brilliant CPU Gift


The specs aren’t spectacular, but they fall short because we already know the blockade that Taiwan, the US and Europe have on China’s push. Therefore, the Zhaoxin KH-4000 It is made in a lithographic process of 16nm and nothing less than 16 cores without SMTi.e. it also has 16 threads to work with.

As a result, its frequency is also lower than expected: only 2.7GHzbut in return you get an IMC that supports memory DDR4 and also has PCIe 3.0. That doesn’t sound impressive at all but if we look back we will see that Intel with its 14nm the best it did was introduce 28 cores with 56 threads at 3.8GHz and with a 205 watt TDP with its Xeon Platinum 8180M (the Zhaoxin is said to be around the 100W).

Comparatively speaking, the Xeon Platinum 8153 of 16 cores and 32 threads a 2.8GHz is the closest thing to 14nm from Intel for the server, which has 125 watt of the TDP. Therefore, to really have an inferior lithographic process, what China has created is really worth admiring, because it is assumed that it has no talent for design, but as seen, it does not. ‘is not. And this is where Intel managed to include 22 MB of L3, this Zhaoxin KH-4000 incorporates 32 MB and it can also be used in 2P configuration to reach 32 cores, something serious even if we compare it with AMD.

Performance comparable to an EPYC 7601


The comparison that has been made is not really fair, because we are talking about a CPU of 32 cores and 64 threads a 3.2GHz in Boost mode which has a TDP of 180 watts. But even under these conditions and under SPEC CPU 2006 this Chinese processor corresponds to the performance of the option of 14nm from AMD.

As we see, the Zhaoxin KH-4000 It’s not far off AMD’s first-gen option, where in some cases it narrowly loses, while in others it narrowly wins. Given China’s backwardness in processor architecture, manufacturing process, and systems integration, this achievement alone makes the West have not one, but both eyes on Asia. , because what happens when the processor integrates DDR5, PCIe 4.0 and a lithographic process of 7nm.

Although there are no specific dates or years for this new processor, it seems certain that in a few years it will be an engineering sample or possibly a final product. What is clear is that China now has a capable server CPU and will soon stop buying from AMD and Intel to launch the de-globalization it has been seeking for over a decade on its own.

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