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The Netherlands unite in favor of banning loot boxes

recently in Spain we have seen how the measures around the policy of the loot boxes in video games and young people. So they agreed to forbid the loot boxes for the minors of age, which will make it necessary to identify the players with an ID. Now the The Netherlands seems to join the ban, since six political parties came together to support a law that prevents in-game loot box purchases.

The Netherlands join Belgium in the prohibition of loot boxes, or this is what makes us understand movement recently presented. This affirms that in video games the youngest are manipulated to carry out transactions, considering it a betting game. With luck and the randomness of the outcome, the kids can become drug addicts and end up generating costs unexpected in their families.

The Netherlands hasn’t always taken a stand against loot boxes.

Netherlands Lootboxes FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

The motion, originally posted on ResetEra, has yet to receive approval from the Senate. However, with the union of the six political parties in its favour, the Netherlands officially ban loot boxes. Furthermore, we have already seen the case of immortal devilwhich ultimately did not come out sale in Belgium or the Netherlands due to excessive use of loot boxes and similar systems.

But in the case of the Dutch, they seem to have changed their minds over time. In October 2020, the court of The Hague allowed the Dutch Gaming Authority might well EA. it asked €500,000 for every week that the company sold loot boxes in FIFA UltimateTeam.

However, in March 2022, the Division of the Administrative jurisdiction of the Council of State of the Netherlands indicated that it was a “unjustified penalty” and that EA no longer had to continue to pay the penalty fee. This may seem like a lot, but let’s remember that EA has generated $1.62 billion only with lootboxes in the 2021 Ultimate Team mode.

Last month, 18 European countries came together to promote a lootbox regulation

18 European Countries Regulating FIFA 22 Loot Boxes

Thus, we see that, little by little, more and more European countries are opposed to the promotion of this business system. And it is that a month ago, 20 consumer groups of 18 European countries launched an initiative to pass a new law to regulate loot boxes and protect players. Interestingly, games were used FIFA 22 Yes RAID: Legends of Shadow as case studies where consumers have been exploited.

According to them, the loot box system is enjoy your players through:

  • The operation of prejudices and cognitive vulnerabilities through deceptive design
  • The use of practices marketing aggressive to drive sales
  • The use of algorithms no transparency and distorted odds
  • job of virtual currencies hide the real economic costs.
  • The very high cost of Hours of sharpening compared to paid lootboxes
  • The risk of lose content don’t spend money on events limit.
  • The emphasis on loot boxes and manipulation practices towards kids and minors. Therefore, its regulation would involve these changes:
  • Allow all in-game purchases to be with real coins.
  • Remove the loot boxes in games intended for minors and children.
  • greater transparency algorithms used
  • Ensure compliance with rights consumers in games.

And in the event that these measures do not solve the problem, a total ban on loot boxes in video games should be considered.

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