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The latest in PC monitors is 540Hz, will a GPU be able to drive them?

About three months ago, the most recognized manufacturer in the world, UA Optronicsalongside two industry giants such as NVIDIA and ASUS, launched more than delicious news for all gamers: 500 Hz panels with a monitor already designed for it, such as the ROG Swift 500Hz. This panel was M241HTN01.0a revolution in its sector, which will last really little, because the same manufacturer is launching a new ordago to its rivals: it works in the 540 Hz for PC monitors.

They certainly won’t be cheap monitors, but they are a revolution in themselves and according to early reports, this new panel will follow a similar path to the one already announced. In fact, he could have the same basis according to rumors, where in any case there are several doubts about him.

AU Optronics will put Intel, NVIDIA and AMD in a bind: 540 Hz for PC monitors

Asus ROG Swift 500Hz

The report comments on the intention and development of a panel with said 540 Hz among others, some of them with high resolution and hertz, but nothing comparable to the one that occupies this article. The tests focus on said refresh rate, but what’s interesting here is that it seems the physical limit is reached with current pixel technologies, masks and access times, since AU Optronics and its sphere say they may not be able to reach beyond the current stringency of 500 Hz.

Logically, this panel will be small in size and resolution, specifically for monitors of 24 inches and 1080pwill be based on the M241HTN01.0 from 3ms in G2G and 2ms for pixel on/offwhich is impressive to say the least, but not enough, and here’s the rub.

It’s not just the fact that they need to be faster, it’s that it creates an inconvenience for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel because the FPS rate is so high that keeping a sync VRR with her it will be a more than complicated task.

Technologically at the limit, has LCD technology come to an end?

500Hz BOE monitor

Well, he could, at least for now. And it is that the calculations indicate that to reach a rate of 540 Hz the panel should be able to have a response time of only 1.85mswith or without HDR, which remains to be seen.

Which GPU can run an eSports title at this FPS rate? Well, really none, at least with the current series. Upscaling technologies like DLSS are needed and we would still be more than 100 FPS below the maximum the panel can deliver. Therefore, and with 500Hz being a reality, only the power of the new RTX 40 and RX 7000 will be able to approach minimally and with DLSS 2.0 or FSR 2.0 or 3.0 to those 500 or 540 Hz of manufacturers’ monitors for PCs.

The rest unfortunately and today is pure fantasy. The closest thing to it are the 4K monitors at 165Hz and 8K monitors at 60Hz, also planned by the manufacturer for the end of this year or the beginning of next year, much more realistic options today, even if it seems the opposite. And it is that 540 Hz seems to be the limit of LCD technology. Reason to bet once and for all? OLED?

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