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The Last of Us Remake at the price of 79.99 euros “is not a robbery”

Naughty Dog announced that the The Last of Us Remake It has already reached its Gold phase, which means that the video game development process is complete. To celebrate, they released a little trailer of just over 30 seconds so we could see what the game looks like, even if good, there are a lot of complaints related to the release of a remake of a title released just 9 years ago. With a release date as close as him September 2fans will be able to breathe easy knowing that no more delays are expected.

Of course, that hasn’t saved the game from criticism, and it’s that players are already bored with the popular fad of doing remakes or remasters of recent games, and The Last of Us Remake is an example of that. clear, with many reviewers saying it’s not worth paying for this game, it was a steal. It’s not more focused on the fact that it’s due to a remake of a “recent” game, but rather that it comes at a very high price.

The Last of Us Remastered vs. The Last of Us Part 1

This put some developers on the defensive, like Robert Morrison, an animator for Naughty Dog. According to Morrison, it is the most meticulously crafted project he has ever seen. The level of care and detail has been taken to the maximum, to provide a different experience from the original game.

However, it must be recognized that the price of the game is very high and that is, Last of Us Remake Part 1 will cost 79.99 eurosthe standard price of PlayStation 5 Triple A games. But here we are talking about a remake and therefore the title will offer the same content than the original gamebut updating its graphics, animations and performance, among others.

“They say ‘It’s a steal of money’. The price of the game is out of my control and its value is subjective For each. You can decide for yourself whether you want it or not,” Morrison said in a later tweet. “All I’m saying is I’m in awe of the work an amazing group of people have done on the project. A huge passion has been put into it.”

Graphic comparison The Last of Us Part I vs The Last of Us Remastered

As they say, it’s up to you whether you buy it or not, although there are still a few months until the release of the September 2. Meanwhile, you can see a graphical comparison of Digital foundry observe in detail the graphic improvement from the remake vs. ps4 remaster.

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