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the IoT platform with ARM CPU and Wi-Fi for 7 euros

In the world of the Internet of Things or IoTa large number of devices make it up, basically all those that are relate or exchange data by the Internet. Here we have everything from home appliances to watches, home automation smart homes or the famous Raspberry Pi. These receive various models, highlighting the Raspberry Pi Pico Wwith ARM-CPU Yes WiFi 4 for 7 euros.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just presented the new raspberry pie Peak W and H-peak Yes Peak WH, three new IoT platforms. These are aimed at a very wide group of consumers including hobbyists, developers and businesses who want a very cheap. And it is that, their prices will start from 6 dollars, staying in Spain for just under 7 euros, including the VAT.

The CPU of the Raspberry Pi Pico W, Pico H and Pico WH will be the ARM Cortex-M0+

Raspberry Pi Pico W CPU ARM Cortex M0+

The heart of these three Raspberry Pi will be the well-known processor ARM Cortex-M0+, used in many IoT devices. Although the Pico W and Pico H have arrived on the market, it will be necessary to wait until August for the Pico WH. That said, they will all have the microcontroller RP2040with 2 MB of Memory glow, 264 KB of SRAM and a total of 2 cores ARM at a frequency of 133MHz. In addition, it has a wireless connection via 802.11n Wi-Fi Yes Bluetooth 5.2 BLE using Infineon CYW43439 chip.

It also offers a GPIO interface with connector for 40 pins, thus being backward compatible with other models. Regarding the rest of the specifications, it comes with a port Micro USB B for power, data and power to reprogram the flash. He has a way of low consumption (standby) and an inactive mode (sleeping) to further reduce its low power consumption. A total of 26xGPIO multifunction, one sensor Temperature, timer Yes the clock.

All in one size 51mm of the size, 21mm of lenght Yes 1mm of size. it comes like that with SDKs from Pico, an IwIP-based network stack, and a UF2 image to deploy the software micropython. Therefore, in short, we have a very small, efficient and cheap device with an Internet connection.

2 million Raspberry Pico devices have already been sold

Raspberry Pi Pico 2 million units sold

Since its first launch, this product line affordable managed to sell 2 millions Units. However, a higher number was expected, but with the current situation of shortage semiconductors was not possible. From then on, these new models of Raspberry Pi, the Pico W, Pico H and Pico WH are expanding and offering even more competition In this sector.

Regarding its prices, as we indicated at the start of the news, we can find the Raspberry Pi Peak W for only $6 or 7 euros in Spain. The Raspberry Pi H-peak on its own would be even cheaper, for $5 or 6 euros here. Finally, the Raspberry Pi Peak WH it would be the last to arrive, in August, priced at $7 or 8 euros,

So now you know, if you want to DIY a programmable IoT device at a very affordable price, with wireless connection included and ridiculously low power consumption, the Raspberry Pi Pico series can be a good start.

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