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The i5-13600HX processor will raise the bar in 14 Core laptops and only 55W

Intel Raptor Lake This is the next generation of Intel desktop processors, although a version for laptops will also arrive. So we have Raptor Lake-HX which will include high-end laptop chips. Of this family, we now know the Intel Core i5-13600HX what will come with it 14 hearts Yes 20 threads and a TDP of 55Wassuming a good jump over the current i5-12600HX.

The Alder Lake-HX family that brings the 12th Gen Intel Core processor to life for laptop enthusiasts will soon be replaced by the Raptor Lake-HX. This 13th generation of Intel processors will come with significant improvements just like its desktop version. So we will have higher IPC, higher frequencies, memory support DDR5 Yes PCIe 5.0 much more. Also, we now know one of the processors that will be in this family, since we already have a leak about it. i5-13600HX which appeared in the database of BAP Co. These offer benchmarks such as SYSmark 25, Movable brand 25 That is cross markto measure processor performance.

Intel Core i5-13600HX with 14 cores and 20 threads appears in CrossMark

Intel Core i5-13600HX Cross Score

The upcoming Raptor Lake-HX series processor, the i5-13600HX, has been identified in the CrossMark benchmark. In fact, we can already see part of its specifications, thus revealing that it has a total of 14 hearts Yes 20 threads. These will be divided, as usual, into high-performance cores (6 P-cores), of the family raptor cove and energy efficient cores (8 E-hearts) it will be Gracemont. This configuration will immediately remind us when i5-13600K desktop, although this portable version will have a TDP of 55W. We are thus surprised to see so soon a member of the HX family corresponding to high-end processors for laptops.

And it is that these are usually displayed after their desktop versions, which as we know have not yet been launched on the market. Regarding the rest of the data that this CrossMark leak offers us, we have the fact that the i5-13600HX processor is tested in the AlderLake-S SBGA Platform reference. Mention also the curious use of 32 GB by heart RAM DDR4 a 3200MHz, instead of using much higher speed DDR5 RAM. The benchmark was performed at a resolution 4K and it gave a result that we could consider worse than expected, although we don’t have the frequency at which the processor was going.

13600HX vs 12600HX, more cores and threads but lower score

Intel Core i5-13600HX vs i5-12600HX CrossMark

If we compare the current generation using the Intel Core i5-12600HX processor to the i5-13600HX, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that the i5-13600HX has a 17% more cores and one 25% more son than its predecessor. And it is that the 13600HX arrives with 14 cores and 20 threads compared to the 12 cores and 16 threads from 12600HXi.e. bring 2 cores Yes 4 sons more. So we have a clear improvement from one generation to the next, in addition to which Raptor Lake should reach even higher frequencies than Alder Lake. However, we don’t know the i5-13600HX’s clock rates, although those should be quite low.

And this is it, the i5-12600HX arrive at 4.6GHz Yes beats the i5-13600HX in all trials cross mark. We think it’s because this new generation of Intel Core i5 is still in early development and therefore its speed is much lower. Well, with Raptor Lake there is an increase in IPC, frequencies and also consumption, at least in desktop processors. We will see in the future if we find more evidence on this, in other benchmarks or with more details on this.

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