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the “graphics card” with 3 Xeon processors and 12 cores

Roman”der8auer“Hartung, the popular German overclocker posted a video on his Youtube channel showing an Intel Visual Computer Accelerator or VCA2, a graphics card-shaped device focused on accelerate visual cloud computing in the field of business. This device was taken apart in his recent YouTube video, showing that it houses a total of 3 Xeon E-1585L v5 4-core 3 GHzwith a TDP 45W and based on Intel’s Skylake architecture.

Der8auer bought the used Intel VCA2 via Ebay, as it is currently a device abandoned. The VCA2 allows users to define instances on Windows or Linux make sure it is instantly pair with a remote device. In this field, its profitability is crucial for the success of this type of device, since it is accessible to several users and used to run applications in the cloud, from businesses to video games. However, it was discontinued despite the fact that only 6 years have passed since its launch.

Appearance of the Intel Visual Computer Accelerator or VCA2

Intel VCA2 outdoor

The main reason why it is no longer available would be that Intel is moving forward with the implementation of AV1 encoding in its Artic Sound-M GPUs, as well as new technologies in its servers.

Moving on to the hardware part, inside the Intel VCA2 we have integrated graphics Intel Iris Pro P580 with video acceleration Intel QuickSync and three Intel Xeon E-1585L v5 Skylake 4-core 3 GHz 45 W architecture processors. Each of these processors would have its own memory banks in SO-DIMM format, with a maximum capacity of 64GB DDR4 for each Intel Xeon. These processors connect to PLX chipset using the same connection PCIe 3.0 x16.


We are finalizing its specifications knowing that Intel’s VCA2 uses the video codec H264be able to perform 44 simultaneous streams at 1080p and 14 streams at 4K resolution. Although Der8auer was able to get the computer to recognize the card, he couldn’t find any software to help him get the most out of it, asking his YouTube channel for help in case anyone is able to figure it out. help him in this area. .

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