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The frame that fixes the curvature of the Intel Alder Lake improves the temperature by up to 7.1 ºC

Although last week we saw the “Thermalright Flexure Corrector Frame“, an optional anchoring system for the base plates Intel LGA1700 which solves tilt issues with Intel Alder Lake processorsnow we can see the famous german overclocker der8auer making use of this frame but made by Thermal grizzly bearbeing the biggest of the differences that the price of this will be around 35 euro compared to the 5.54 euros that Thermalright costs in China, we can therefore already see that many brands will seek to make money with the “invention”.

Grizzly Bending Thermal Patch Frame for Intel Alder Lake

To cut to the chase, the company’s most powerful processors were used for testing: the Intel Core i9-12900K processor and the Core i9-12900KS processor, all with an overclock to 5.10 GHz with a voltage of 1.36v and running Cinebench R20 to squeeze the silicon. By forcing the cooling system to have optimal contact with the entire surface of the IHS CPU, and in a test using many different CPUs, at best the temperature improvement was 7.1 ºCwhile at worst, the improvement was 0.3 ºCindicating the extreme differences of a heatsink making/not making good contact with the IHS.

If we want to look for an average, the Core i9-12900K temperature improvement was 3.61 ºCwhile in the case of the Core i9-12900KS this average it was 4.36°C (lower than the 5°C average advertised by Intel), so it doesn’t seem like a drastic difference and it will all depend on the cooling system used, although of course if one of these frames is reached at an affordable priceWell, the improvement is welcome, especially considering that summer is right around the corner.

On another side, using a 3D printed frame is not recommended for Intel Alder Lake processors, because when subjected to high temperatures, their durability is expected to be poor.

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